To my 2 closet friends in K.G.S without whom it would never have been the same .

To insi I leave behind the happy memories. Although weve been friends since four years feels as if Ive known u all my life . The best times I spent with u from the free sundaes at Mcdonaldsto the last week shopping of yours ..itz been A-M-A-Z-I-N-G . Also the knowledge that nothing can ever come between us [except clips ;) ] thanx for being one of the handful who actually bothered to understand me and support me through my most trying times.


To zan I leave behind all my shoes and that purple top of mine . I will never forget all the times u took one hour to come out of the house :p .nor the times when we cribbed about life being so not fair, obnoxious conversationsand cat fighting in the car ;) .no goodbyes cos no matter what ..u alwayz end up coming back in my life .if u know what Im talking about ..


To bariza .My first frined in school I owe u for all the great time I spent in kgs ..although weve drifted apart in the past year or so I just want u to know that u still mean a lot to me and Ill alwayz be there for u no matter what .thanx for alwayz believing in me..keep in touch alwyaz

To cindy I leave behind our memories of last minute bio studies especially the kidneys when I kept on conking off but u made me study. The shopping for leather jackets with steel to the rocks to the slumber party ..and the streaking..had lots of fun thanx for everything uve been the greatest .ill miss u soo much ..and so would my other half ;)


To moby .i dont know exactly what happened and how we mange to separate but I will alwayz remember the good times we shared thanx for being the person I know I can alwayz take granted and for giving me a second chance no matter what ...


To my hunch back of notre dame ..the memories of our hand reading sessions to chatting during teststhanx for alwayz making me feel special, helping me with my problems especially those regarding the opposite sexu never ceased to brighten my day


To abbas ..i leave behind all our conversations live and on msn ..stay cool but dont freeze at waterloo. Keep in touch

Farah uve been one of the nicest and the most amazing I know uve been a good friend alwayz ..keep in touch wherever u go

To mobeen I leave behind all my stationery especially the pens ..itz been great knowing u .thanx for alwayz listening .keep in touch and quit changing ure

e-mail address .


Maha my only regret is knowing u so late though weve been together since four years I will alwazy remember the good times weve shared ..keep in touch.


Danish keep waiting for me at bridgeport ;).alwyaz keep in touch

To Hina class 10 chem class 20 guys 3 females we survived . a promise to alwayz stay in touch take care

To sarah I leave behind all the times that weve been jinxed ;) u know what Im talking about .and the endless chat sessions in bio classes.

To fahd my personal chauffeur ;)had lots fun and thanx for being just u !! keep in touch alwayz uve been an amazing friend and thanx for alwayz believing

in me and listening to me

To nida I leave all the times we alwayz managed bumping into u guys thanx for helping us steal the T.G.I.F menu .and all the fun times in the bio classes.keep in touch

To osala the only regret is getting to know know u real late uve been a great guy and it has been a pleasure knowing u ..keep in touch

To haissom ..i leave behind the time when we had nothing better to do but talk ..will both make it dont worry ..just believe in ureself

Sana Ill alwazy remember the boring classes of dhanani and the only reason I survived was because of you.

To babs thanx for alwayz helping me although I alwayz pulled ure leg!!

To hammad thanx for all the times u have helped me uve been a good friend ..keep in touch

Faizan I thank u for all the times uve helped me.will remember u alwayz

Subeika will remember the time when we did nothing but sat and talked at ure place ..keep in touch ..will never forget u

To owais ..though I hardly know..i will always remember the time when u helped me through when I got into trouble in grade 10it really touched me ..thanx

I thank all my friends for alwayz been there for me,..taking my crap believing in me .ill miss u all


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