I, Ambereen Siddiqui, of sane mind and able body........bequeath the following......to the following......

To Asma Husain, I leave you our eternal friendship and memories of the saddar school, art at school and tutions, physics, two years of erratic letter writing, years of dreaded B day gifts, our mutual hatred for chipkalis and the dream of going to the same college.

To Myla, I leave you an amazing friendship, memories of babysitting your nieces and nephew, shopping at gulf, rickshaw rides, endless gossip sessions and sleepovers, mango ice cream and movies. I also leave you with a gold medal in story telling.

To Samar Shahab, I leave you with memories of the saddar campus, and the credit for truly preparing us for the inevitable partings, the crying, the laughing and the desperate effort to stay in touch!

To Aisha Raees, I leave you memories of art deadlines,laughing fits, coffee, unbrushed hair and the heavens. I also leave you Rs.5000 to make this world a better place!!!

To Amna Ali, I leave you our psychotic dances, the days "full" of "full tension" before the art deadlines and your haunted house. I also leave you with the sponsorship to publish your book "Problem Solving for Dummies". I would have left you the art room except it was yours to begin with.

To Saman Malik, I leave you with the all the plans of living in Montreal and all the songs we loved dancing to from Hey Mambo to Chunari Chunari and the sunflower stickers from my collection.

To Raza, I leave you whatever we owe you in petrol, the evil laugh from icq and more evil, though God knows you have enough!!I also leave you with an extra vote for Pizza express for whenever we need to decide where to go next time and some jinns to defend yourself from amna.

To Imran(dramay)Siddiqui, I leave you a merit scholarship to an acting school, the art of gossiping and the credit for keeping us entertained.

To Malick, I leave you the prophecies of Siraj and the hope that you can use your mind to it's true potential some day. I leave you my copy of Midnight's Children but want a new copy in exchange.

To Omer Salahuddin, I leave you with evil points, if only they were house points!!!

To Ali Iqbal, I leave you with your dreams of joining the army and also finding a job that pays $80,000 and the hope that your guitar can be fixed!

To Asma Ahmed, I leave you with my art A Level result and the hope that you get better students next year!!

To Sara Ahmed, I leave memories of college searching as well as my rejection letter from Oberlin. Thanks for the chemistry cram sessions.

To Sanam Siddiqui, I leave you the credit for making me computer literate and the memories of your eyes all over the art room.

To Sana Amjad, I leave you with recording sessions, art room hysteria and eclairs!!

To Nagin, I leave you your eternal calm that is at the center of every whirl wind.

To Hadia, I leave you with memories of shared chemistry classes and cram sessions and a part of my passion for art, I know you'll use it to it's true potential.

To Arwa, I leave you with memories of registration, plans for U of T and the amazing thaal at your birthday.

To the chem. class and Mrs.Kazi I leave the trips to Germany, Sri lanka and the Maldives that never materialized but made for great distractions.

To Ferheen, my younger sister, I leave you KGS with all of it's up and most of it's downs and the corny jokes that only you can come up with and laugh at!

To my parents I leave a huge thank you for sending me to KGS.

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