Sonia Lakhani: I leave you 15 years of friendship..your thickness.. glasses that never break..a fat thigh..a psycotic dog called doogie..the name DL(ewe)..unchained melody in Thailand..pillow fights..cracking up over the stupidest things..softball writing on shalwars..cheating!..your moms lasagne..bonding..your hilarious personality spazticatedness!..your determination to be an anesthetist..a story about someone or the other getting stuck in a chair..the object of playing volleyball.. a billion amazing friends for the longest time..I know well always be in touch..loveya.

Sassi: I leave you 11 years of being best friends..P.E..ringing the bell all over school..flags to be hoisted..parties..a pair of thick glasses..I leave you a life time supply of pepsi, samosas and spring rolls..a stronger icecream at aylanto..Nomburs tuition..dabit cradit..our retarded accents..lunches at my house..climbing gates!..fujiyama and pizza express..a sharpner for your new pencils..sharing a room in Thailand..throwing shoes off the balcony!..birdie spazticated behaviour at mithas and all the disco divas that came there..afew more dogs..a problematic child called .chesington. ice skating..fits of laughter..stop the rock..Alevels..SO many amazing memories..and all the ones to follow..loveyou!

Ayesha: I leave you mirrors that talk..lessons that teach you how to cry..phaddas.. chuks for your twee twees..getting lost in Thailand..A life time supply of art skills that you have always envied!..all our retarded msn conversations that never made ocassional lectures to you. I also leave you a more social personality (hehe) absolute blast in Lahore, blast in the literal sence if you know what I mean..salowly gorgeous writing that you always try copying..gossip sessions..whos feet are THAT..our insane class during the obsession with the word also..laughing amazing friendship for the past so many years and many more to you also!

Mariam Goluck: I leave you Mr. Burger, a threesome! chicken rolls from red reeeuddee..a new pair of socks..all my perfumes that you have now finished..a less nasel voice..flatter shoes..the ability to talk for break..Ja-waaad, your favourite cousin..Kazaaaam..dances for your brothers

wedding..yusra and zena in the fountain head..mariams montessory..pluck

chicken..M.Jay..hehe..retarded things we always laugh at..please forgive me..stuffed and so absolute blast in Alevels..and much more to come..!!

Alizeh: I leave you the longest friendship..your old years at your place..sleeping in every class..the lizard that was perpetually above your head in class eleven..hysterics that we got into all the time..ALL my notes.. fights!fights!fights! war 2 at ayeshas afew years ago..that spazticated day at the beach..laughing for half an hour after that..being the only ones who found it funny..hehe..kebab toasts..alizehs taxi many memories from the junior school to the senior school and a lasting friendship..always!

Naima: I leave you a life time supply of notes..our laughing fits..rather your laughing fits..a chocolate cheese cake..Jackie..retarded conversations on the

net..make fraaandship with me..your shady friends..phaddas..breaking bottles suspensions..and so much more..your hillarious, dont ever change!

Nimr: You re-tart! I leave you all my hot friends..all the girls who just vont you..a ball date!!..Alevels, bunking, marketting, Tommy hilfiger and Sassi in London..a hij for your next birthday..summer sales!..Mithas..tree tirty..all your immitations.. shazrays dancing..fits of laughter that all of us were in 24/7..charlies angels..stop the rock. Alevels have been a blast..and London will be too.

Jujoo, Mumly and Capi: I leave you guys years of friendship..

Jujoo: I leave you all the food in the world..summers in London..and all the memories from class 3 onwards at K.G.S..

Mumly: I leave you 12 years of friendship..all the dancing competetions at my birthday parties..your definitely one of the nicest guys I have ever come across..

Qasim: I leave you my Sassi..your craziness in class 10 and 11..I dont believe you used to wear nailpolish..weirdo! NO I never liked you..liked you hehe..your one of the most problematic children Ive ever come across.. You guys must stay in touch.

Saif: I leave you a GOOD joke book, your theories on everything!..squited eyes..a life time supply of beef cheeses..all the retarded fun in Alevels..stay in touch ok..and have fun at college.

Mani: I leave you tymurs tuitions..and all the retarded excuses you made up for my leaving him..Guddus sensational dance..London should be fun (hopefully).

Yusra: McYuzra, I leave you 2 cheese burgers with extra cheese, 1 large fries, a diet coke..a mobile phone..a station..and a persian mafia..talking for

hours..awarah gardee. I also leave you all the guys in the world- your by far my favourite person in the whole world..will always love you!

Shehla : I leave you my arms!! and a copy right to call me Thannnaaa.

Zain: I leave you your favourite art class!

Sunaina: I leave you 4 other bucks..and munoo!

Lydia Kim: Lyds! I leave you the fits of laughter we always got into..trials.. matches bonding and all the gossip. Loveya!

Zahra Hasan: Slumber parties..halloween parties..rockstar parties..All those times youve scandalized me..and ofcourse Add math in class 10!..Stay in touch.

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