Well its really difficult to actually name all the people I wanna

leave thing for.

Firstly for my first year friends-now secondyears:

Rehman-hmm well I leave you my undying love hehe-well. leave you all the crazy conversations we have had and the great times we had in the last year. Have a great life!

Sana Rashid- my shana I leave you all my love problems and my advices and my great hugs that always made u feel better. I love you loads and dont worry, everything aill be OK!

Shamir- u already have the most precious thing to me u know who/what that is?! I leave you all my flirting sessions and well.also to FREDDY-dont misbehave too much guys!!

Falak- all the FRERe trials and crazy sessions we have had with each other and of course ABDULLAHH!! Hes miiine!!


Timmy- "Timmy U KNOW WATT??!!" Thats wat ill leave for you. And the day you become a psychiatrist Im your first patient!

Umm any other firstyears ive missed out..im sorry guysbut will miss all of you.. and have had great times with you guys!Have a great life!

My secondyear friends!

Well I really dont know where to begin from and I really dont want to leave anyone out..and incase I do..PLEASE FORGIVE ME!!

Also my friends of class 11 and 10- miss you all!!

Aisha, Ambreen and Amna- My tantrums first of all..im sure u guys will remember those. The crazy art classes we have had, those word of advices from you guys..will really miss them!! miss u guys a lot!!

Tariq and Adnan- Always remember the role I played in your Love lives

OKAY!! Adnan I leave all those eco classes and those crazy convresations

we had. You still owe me a cassette!!

Saman, Maliha, Amna and Anouscha- well I leave all the times you guys teased me and bugged me..but now come to think of it was great fun! Will ! Anouscha and Saman- all the frere matches and trials- those miss it were great!!

the singing sessions are on the top of the Yousuf and Kashif- list! you guys are great!! Yousuf art class- you were on crazy guy who bugged the hell outta me but it was loooadsaa funn!!! and Kashif im sure ull always remember my GYRATING all over and ofcourse the POLO!! ill never ferget that!!

Zarsheesh- Man I LOVE YOU!! Those BM classes without you would have been soo boring- ill never forget your encoraging words about everything thanx a lot!! from my "feminity" to my being a "genious"

!!Saad- you were a good friend- who loved ignoring me

Raza Kanjee- what can I say for you except that I leave behind years and years of "friendship"- miss you!!

Myla and Malick- I leave you two a whole 5 years of fun times in the van- the volleyball sessions every morning, the teasing sessions, antakshari- everything- Had a great time with you guys!!

Omar Salahuddin- a whole lifetimes supply of WATER!!

- you guys were really Humaira and Nida Rizvi- The General project nice!! Will really miss you!! "Dont you love me??!!"

Sara Ahmed- The general classes and the sports periods- and ofcourse


Rabiah Malik, Mehreen Abbassi- Love you guys!! Great friends!!

Arwaah- My perversion is all for YOU "My BABYYY!!!"

Abbas, Usman and Salman- Had good times with you guys!! Remember the Usman always remember my photo session we had? Abbas my DRIVER!! favours okay!!

Farah M and Shaan- Art class- your brilliant art work- was great being with you guys!!

Sarah Yakoob- "Moon face", "kabootarti" and the libraray and our library sessions- it was alotta fun being with you!!

Nida G and Mariam J- we had good times together- sad about the way things turned out in the end- but Ill always remebr you guys!!

Wamiq, Farrah, Mehreen, Subieka and Sehr- You guys are my Best Friends- and I dont have to leave anything for you in this will because youll be getting separate long wills from me! i think you should have received it by now!

Robin, Fahd and Shakir- will be seeing you in LUMS!

Well guys I suppose thats it. Im also running out of words- so incase ive forgotten anyone Im really sorry but ill always remember you guys! Being part of the class of 2001 was great and all of you were great! Love you all!!


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