Okay, so I leave the following to the following people .. blah blah blah .. no specific order .. etc etc .. Im over the smiley face phase .. and oh yeah .. MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU!J

Asim The best brother in this whole world and the one person I have looked up to since God knows when. Thank you so much for always understanding and guiding me. I dont know where Id be without you but I DO know that no girl could ask for a cooler and more supportive brother.

Ali Meeting you four years back and finding you cute. Meeting you four years later and finding you even cuter!;) Endless chat sessions, long e-mails about nothing in particular, one week, the best web page ever, a billion surprises which only you could pull off, "IM TOUGH & SHIT", jumping in freezers, drinking problem, "tutti", ms piggy, kermit, introducing me to Quarter Pounder and a lot more, Keats, dyslexias, non-existent suaveness, secret love for rap music (wessyyyde bro!), the first daisies i ever got, your 'nani's roof', brownies, keblers, cool water, popcornS, passions, Theresas diaries, Liz Hurley, Spanish lessons, BACK IN THE DAY, WHEN WE FIRST" , lectures and MORE lectures, I had to get off, the funniest person youve ever met, original birthday presents, the angry face on Yahoo Messenger, how do I love thee..? PEEK A BOO, and tons of TUPAC CDs. But most of all, a billion sorrys for not appreciating you enough and even more thankyous for helping me on and being the best friend anyone could ever have.

Rishad To my self-proclaimed analyst and sex-ed teacher I leave the bonding sessions in London, whiteleys, wagama, kareoke, my food complex, bra-talks, a photocopy of "the book", my lines that you can use to impress the chicks (what a bastard!), GORAN!!! porn sites, 'you dropped your head', our parents love for us, the right way to pour ketchup, betty-boo, bold and the beautiful, willy exerciser, pulp fiction, all the weird complexes you diagnosed me of, "Juls & Jo", Helen Hunt, Mohsin, T.S Eliot, "truly though time is not our element", typist relationships, calamari, hot guys to experiment your sexuality with, Akhtar tuitions, the shits, a doctors appointment to "enhance" your bladder and a shirt that says "MOUNT HOLYOKE IS THE PLACE TO BE". Thankyou so much for being you. No matter how big your ego gets in college, I shall always love you.

Sarah J "G's girlfriend", Twixs, endless supply of candy floss, cheese rolls, fights that put you in a tight spot (sorry!), your self-proclaimed 'manliness', billions of notes, bunny rabbits, sexual harrassments!! Mohenjodaro, shopping in Bolten Market, brownies, special phone 'hi', A CAKE I STILL HAVEN'T GOTTEN (with fudge frosting), our love for L.A, Funland, Azhars party which we ROCKED, the clueless FY we worked on, traumatic relationships, terrorizing Saad, my brother's look-alike, lunches w/ Shammal, bonding sessions, MTV classics, SONY Channel, stupid Indian soaps, singing "I AM THE BEST!", your love for all my 'significant others', stories of your life that always entertained me, all your advice that made so much sense, the not-gossip games which I won and the knowledge that NOTHING can ever come between us! Thank you so much for always sticking by me. Love you always! J

Anam Q Cricket match, London, Pepsi Max Drop, the wrestling matches, sensitive necks, high pitched shrieks, our BET (which Im going to win), boy craziness, our love for the alis of this world, Josh Hartnett, angel of mine, roswell, MY cheese omelets! my care bear, apple fantasy, hamsters that dogs cant eat, YOUR lectures, protein diets, last minute shopping plans, eternal supply of LIP GLOSS, Ten Things I Hate About You, a punching bag with my brothers face, TUPAC, a lot of boys to dance with at parties ;). Youll be the first one to ride in the pajero (If I ever learn to drive, that is:P). And youll always be my sista shista and best friend, Love you so much!!

Ammar Plane rides, fake vomit, "Lucid" notes, economics classes, Akhtar tuitions, studying and failing maths together, BOTTOM, scavenger hunt, my SEXY driving, your crazy driving, your Shoa wall, area 51, headless chickens, kicking your ass at bowling, two guys a girl and a pizza place, McDonald plans and my 'special' order, dinners you still owe me, my integra without the silencer, the 99.99% control you could never have, my craze for Tupac, gay Mp3's, DRIVING LESSONS, Britney Spears, 'big guns', water sports, horse carriages, CALAMARI, our "BET",ALL the RAINBOW stuff in the world (since you love it so much !! ), STICK-ON SMILES you can use when youre dancing, "the MOMENT of REVELATION" and a life time supply of internet hours and 'trashy tabloids' to pass your time. You are "A GREAT".

Laleh Sind Club Galas, letters on kitchen towels, the Greek something we made in seventh grade, bon jovi, benetton, Ghost, my signature, a ban on all 'round' brushes so you won't get your hair stuck in any, bras with un-breakable straps, Jude Law, 'majestic' skies, Uzma Market, Goz, Ozzy, pepsi-maxs, crazy bets, Pizza hut, random guys giving phone numbers, crank calls to fariba's crushes, KAS Melas, chasing Sami, New Years, your mom's chocolate cake, Swimming sessions, eternal supply of bread sticks, a weight-loss program allowing you to have as many chocolates as you want and a pot of gold on the other side of the rainbow.

Rafay A LOT of 'bakwaas', tupac Cd's, the steps in school, analysis of people and situations, PRIVATE NOTES ON THE COMPUTER, sensible advice, your seriousness, my hair, a really sexy music selection, true colors, a very sweet note on my birthday. Thankyou for always being a great person to talk to. J

Danish Adnaans tuitions, sausage rolls, ALL kinds of sauces, o-level tensions, car rides, London, "JO & DEE" bracelet, Akhtar tuitions, SOME TASTE BUDS !!! our mutual feelings for Khayyam and I REALLY REALLY HOPE YOU GET INTO UCL and I can come and study there for a year !! J

SFK WRONG morning announcements (especially the cricket ones), March Past, Would you like to swing on a star? The OATH we could never say together, discussions in the library, dyslexia, memory losses, THANKYOU and CONGRATULATIONS, general classes, BETTER written essays, non sensical e-mails, volatile stomachs, kheer, my popularity, my 100 new e-mail msgs everyday, syko behaviour on ICQ, phonecalls I never returned, a ride in the mini pajero, "THE THINGS I DO FOR YOU!!". My negativity, youve got the touch, OPTIMUS PRIME, thundercats, star wars, tons of arguments, an arrogant, famous brat youll be best friends with at Yale and a "COOL" wardrobe. We made a GREAT team and I owe you tons for listening to my college bakwaas and my ranting and ravings about.. well everything!

Saman M That one day at the beach, lies you and Imran fed me, French boys at Concordia (who youre going to introduce me to :P), Pakistani movies, a certificate granting you the right to NEVER take up History again, fashion shows and my undying love for you. Youre my MOST favourite "GHUSSU" in this world!! Oh and I NEVER HAD A CRUSH ON HIM!!

Imran RONNIE! A 100 things we admire about each other, the "GAY" bet I hope I lose (for your sake:P), study sessions, a tranquilizer to calm you before exams, my 'castration' and 'guy/boy' theories, the lies you and Saman fed me :(, our A.B bet which I WON!! :), french beach, Montreal Chicks, Mcgill "brothel", JO BHI!! Your secret love for Napier, your "strange relationship with Hassan Iqbal, a sexy birthday present, cute head girl poem and the title of the "CUTEST frere house captain" ever. J

Akbar Wigger!! Valentine cards that made you cry, scavenger hunt, Akhtar tuitions, "Wet Floor" sign, speech therapy, Ambrose, spastic dancing, and my phone number incase you go senile studying all that math and computer language.

Osman Crank call to get you excited, a LOT of non-halaal food, surprise party, car rides, a billion 'I FORGIVE YOU's, a billion laughs of mine at every little thing you say, the Pakistani actress you fell in love with, your hypocrisy and the hope that someday youll get laid. Remember, if you are DYING to EAT A BURGER, YOU SHOULD EAT A BURGER!!

Haseeb My stubbornness, Ally Mcbeal, soccer matches I CAN NEVER WATCH, 'whats up with that!', kryptonite, transformers, shawshank redemption, hasan Iqbal, tennis games, my 'laziness' and a book to help you decide your 'career choice'.

Ayesha S Economics & math classes, tuitions, 'doodh' with NUTS (ugh), Mohabbatain, your sexy handwriting, KHUDANAKHASTAS X 3, weird bags of chips Youre one of the most honest, sincere and loveable people Ive ever met! (when youre not intimidating that is! ;) ) Keep in touch J

Faraz M Iqbals, accounts classes, add math classes, pointless e-mails, DADA GANJ BAKSH, a smiley face keychain, weird smiles, a tight slap on your ass, tight situations you put me in with the admin., birthdays you never attended (IDIOT!!), scavenger hunts, yousuf k (I know youll love that) and a T-shirt that says, "WWF IS INTENSE".

Ali Bud bud ding ding, Caf Blue Kareoke, all the backstreet boy songs you tortured me with, relationship advises, S.R.S.C, Helpers Society, dinner plans, Star Wars craze, Light sabre, WWF, our loyalty to The Rock (CAN YOU SMELLLLLL ITTTT !!!). Remember that Im always there for you.

Behramjee One of the sweetest people ever! I leave you a lifesize picture (personally autographed) by The Rock, all the WWF tapes that exist in this world (if you dont already have them), all the "jabronis", funky cricket announcements and all the encouragement you sent my way! Thankyou!

Mani LIVE animals at the London Zoo, Math classes and a SMACKDOWN on Steve Austins CANDY ass J

Anuscha Flashy white bras, lesbian lessons, last day dance, sexual harassments at Lalehs and my love for you since youve always wanted it so badly!

Malick "umm Sunniya!!!", my picture so you can seek inspiration whenever you want, sphorophyte, THE ROCK!!!!!!! Southpark, angry smiley faces, "man, YOU also!!" and a "I WILL NEVER FORGIVE YOU" for watching Mummy Returns without me!

Myla & Raza (The cutest team in school) The CockHouse Cup, for you guys really do deserve it.

Afaan An eternal supply of my brownies J I hope I can send them to you in Montreal somehow. You KNOW Ill always be there for you.

Mariam G Mr. Burger, the Blackjack days , "how rude", Kazzam and the brownies I still owe you .. keep smiling

Nadia H Crazy hip movements in "Bungaya Tera Jogi", an everlasting supply of hair-dryers and GOOD people at Randolph. Have fun at RutgersJ

Zehra I The cutest person I have ever met! A certain member of the Daudi family, phone calls that never actually took place and my red gown for future use..

Aisha I Literature notes, pee in a jar, and a billion thankyous for being there for me.

Sehba: Empty Carlton rooms, the famous "hellooooooo" and a later curfew for the "crazy parties".

Aroosh TMD, the one in a million, a phone record (atleast for ME), a billion one-line e-mails and a ban on the line "Im just TIRED".

Aalya 3 nice years.

Mrs. Effendi My most favourite teacher in the world thankyou for believing in me J .


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