I, Sara Ahmed of sound mind and body hereby bequeath the following to members of the KGS class of 2001.

To Myla I leave memories of the dheet van wala, Dexter and the "doodhwala", the thela belonging to the biryani wala that we passed everyday but never stopped at and the numerous chemistry study sessions at her house.

To Abbas I leave a pair of ear plugs so that he can stop breaking burettes when anyone says "Maha!"

To Ambereen I leave a dozen filter papers, complete with the coloured gooey salts of course, for her artwork and dreams of going to Middlebury together.

To Tariq I leave his shairi, plagiarized of course.

To Umair Sarfaraz i leave Hammad to bug for eternity.

To Bilal I leave his incredible tongue-rolling ability.

To Sanam I leave a lifetime supply of dirty jokes and luvvverr boys.

To Farah Salahuddin i leave our endless arguments on chemistry and the satisfaction that she will indeed someday make a great doctor.

To Mobin I leave Farah and memories of our library conversations.

To Cindy I leave our Math study sessions and the kababs in my freezer.

To Hani I leave a 95 year old larka to marry.

To Geri I leave the chicken pox virus.

To Farah Makhi and Subeika I leave Mrs. Effendi.

To Mehreen Arshad I leave memories of our time at FPS.

To Mehreen Abbasi and Rabia I leave memories of sports day and snoopy.

To Rizwan I leave all my bio and chem notes.

To Fawad I leave the switchboard to play with in Mr. Jabbar's classes.

To Nida Rizvi I leave her cool way of dealing with everything.

To Aqsa I leave a lifetime supply of charaida, safi and her hakeem.

To Bushra Iqbal i leave a loudspeaker.

To Maha I leave memories of inter-house tournaments and Papworth particularly


To Nadia Sharif I leave my watch. (If i can find it that is!!)

To Lubna I leave Deja vu (the restaurant)

To Arwa I leave a strawberry farm.

To Hadia I leave my flute (not tin whistle!) hoping that she will someday learn to

play it.

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