I, Sara Moon, bequeath the following to the people who have contributed

to making KGS a wonderful experience for me :

Anuscha: To you hero, I leave all your admirers, your bio world, the hate list, urban legends, "too cheap", all your annoying nakhras, the time we locked you outside your house and an endless list of the most amazing memories. You and I have come a long way together and I'm sure we'll always stay close in some capacity. Take care of yourself and love me, Always!

Amina: A big apology for all the times I've been a pain.. you know I never meant it. All our conversations about a specific group of people and all the times I've embarrassed you. I have some of my best memories with you and I know we'll have many more together. Just don't lose that cute innocence of yours.

Farah: Farah, you're definitely one of the most unselfish and completely generous people I know and I love you for that. I've really enjoyed all the scheming, gossiping and chulla we've done together. the crankcalls, nightspends, a ride to the airport, the titanic day , the school bathroom and all the craziness in the world. I seriously hope you get all you want from life because you really do deserve it

Maliha: you know we have too many memories together and listing all of them

would be useless. I don't think I've laughed more with anyone than with you

haha.. that bathroom poster, Gone Today and that day outside McDonalds . Don't ever lose that bhailpuri side of yours I love making fun of and your ability to attract chichos wherever we go. Thanks for being so great and for always being there for me.

Saman: hmm..my chaloo friend ! haha..you and I have probably done everything together from birthdays to studying to walks to non-stop laughing to a whole

lot more and I have enjoyed every bit of it. I don't think I'll ever forget

that wretched day I fell down and you went mad laughing and then all the

nightspends, the lahore trip, the rickshaw ride, o'levels, crazy things on

the road, the dude from stanford and all your hot cousins hahaha. Enjoy

yourself at LUMSand please find the hot lahori husband you want !

Samar: Apart from being my favorite bitch and my favorite bohri you're one

of the most loyal friends I have and one of the few people who understand

the bitchy side to me. Thanks for keeping me updated with all the gossip.

Have a blast at Holyoke and try not to get too out of hand J

Areeba: I leave you your old apartment, cricket, physics, P.C , all the lists we made and the knowledge that you are one person whose friendship I really value. Take good care of yourself.

Aalya: class 4, crazy fights, chemistry and your sexy haircuts. you're one of the most genuine and unfake people I knowstay that way !

Anab: boring literature classes, your cuteness and the fact that I never disliked you. Keep in touch

Akbar: The Lahore trip , the j.b. jokes, bonding in eco, gossiping and all the times you've made me laugh. I really wish I had known you earlier. Just lose some of your dheelaness and you'll be giving Shahrukh Khan competition

Ammar: 80 pounds, jaundice, a fun trip to lahore ,Shoa and a good time

at USC .Take care of yourself

Altumash: our o'level class, family connections, eco class and the

Lahore trip. Have fun at USC and take care of yourself.

Jawad: Khadija, taco maker, stale pizza and flat coke. Keep in touch

Sadiq: memories of a friendship that shouldn't have just faded away,

all your stupid stories and the life-size fag. Keep in touch.

Marium Gokal: all your crushes, math class and mohenjodaro. You're one

of the sweetest people I know. Don't ever let that change.

Shezeen: calling ghosts, silly games , cute pencils, nail polishes, pictionary and the SAT. You're one person I've always managed to stay friendly with and I seriously hope that does not change. Take care of yourself.

Sunaina: studying sessions, chicken rolls, notes to authors, all the weddings and the million stupid things we've done together. Take care of yourself.

Shaan: class 10 an 11 and all the chulla we did in class, the trip to lahore

and your exciting ride on the cable car. Try not to change too much in


Farah Millwala: one of my first friendsI leave you the old school, the

pool parties with Sanam, your mom's nursery, a wedding we can gatecrash and

Tiger Woods. Hahah..Keep in touch.

Laleh: O levels and all the classes we bunked. Your animated style of speaking, all the fun on the lahore trip and all the plans we made there. Take care

Danish: my class 9 cheating buddy..you're definitely one of my "coolest

friends" haha Keep in touch.

Rishad: fights with Iman, the lahore trip and all your cool parties. It's been fun knowing you. Enjoy yourself at Columbia.

Sania: A big "thank you" for contributing so much to making us the happiest second years ever. Keep smiling

Faraz: your fan club, that annoying expression, the cricket society, preparations for the last day, a can of spray paint and a video camera with a battery that works. Haha Keep in touch.

Zahra, Uzma and Nadia: the fun trip to lahore and the stupid fight which shouldn't have happened. Take care

Mashall, Zehra, Nazish, Sehrish and Nazia : all the amazing plans we madeplease carry them out and have a blast in second year. Keep in touch you chiknis!

Rukaiya: I leave you 2 more years in school. Have fun but try and stay out of trouble. Love you!

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