Sania: The knowledge that youre not perfect! It took me a while to figure that out J. Weve probably had one strange up and down friendship but I am glad we are where we are. I leave you the knowledge that at this point I would not let you leave me even if you really wanted to! I also leave you lots of good times and the fact that even after the bad ones you came out strong. The cake that I have yet to make for you, those amazing brownies of yours, your finally learning how to fry, your cute bunnies, lots of supportive notes, your incredible faith.

Laleh: The first fateful phone call, all thats magical, tons of admiration, a lot of dissing, our soul to soul talks, night time roof

bonding. Fudge, brownies, cake, my eid things pigging. Frantic phone calls before parties. You and the hair drier. Our pseudo selves. Dreaming. The perfect everything. The things we are and the ones we wished we were and I know you will be. Your watching over and seeing through me. An incredible amount of love.

Shaan: shani!!!!!!!!!! FOOD!!!!!!!!! ECO SUCKS!!!!!!!! Hehehe your

perpetual madness. Chill out dude!!! Funny drives with you. A stack of

notes. All my failed attempts heheh.

Aalya G: Sunshine, lots of Maroos, 50XX, A thousand notes, cheapness,

food, More than Words, your funniness, bumming at your house, your

violence, your moodiness, your really bad urdu ("aalya I love the way you say karenga"), all our lame attempts at studying, gossip sessions, your always being the one to see me cry, how I can always count on you to cheer me up, thank you for being there. Always be there!

Zarsheesh: those pants, lots of craziness, a reminder never to shop

with you, stop hitting on my brothers! Swing, endless practices, swimming which I have yet to learn, yoy always believed even when I didnt, I needed that. More affection than I can express, youre a friend like no other I dont know what I would do without you and I cant say I want to find out.

Bariza: you and me baby ;) Darul Sukun, Elvis, bonding, your crushes

(all billion of them), the ball (you were a great date), pre ball crises, hours in the library, our ups and downs, talking endlessly, KGB, KGC, and KGD, angels watching over.

Danish: my "friend", lasagna that was yummy, eco study sessions, all our talks, that crack Satanist, slushes at mr burgers, burgers at chips. calming you down after a fight with laleh. Saying bye was hard.


Saad: The tummy, the strip, the rumors, your being nuts about me, apologies for the phone calls which I forget to return, the very original nick you made for me, scandalization.

Yasser: weve had some really good times and some not so good times but

Id rather remember the good ones and I hope its the same with you.

Your love for the simpsons, your confused state, and the "if I had time".

Faizan: Mista G! The yellow volks, the key that you gave me, late night

chats, the amazing connection between us, how you always crack me up.

Mobin: all those times u came and I wasnt there. The times I was. Paranoia. Being there for me when I hit the car. Your endless scoldings and lectures. 26th street..?

Anab: short stuff!!! Interning, bumming, pretending to be happy when

youre not, all your paranoia. Take care of yourself okay?

Rishad: talks about flaws, all the fun at your house, I never hated

you, good times weve had, your rather enlightening talks, "rishoo beta" have fun at Columbia.

Azeem: B.M.B.A, the knowledge that you will have to visit me, buddy

rings fake and real that funny looking blue ribbon, roses, hersheys.

Saman: Chiggerina!!!! Cheesy heart shaped cards, lots of fun, that

boring poetry reading, Imrans blushing when he talks about you and a

promise that I will definitely come visit.

Imran: Oh captain, my captain - youre just the best , and the cutest J

Buddah: "Nach meri jaan"!

Saima: Sleep the dwarf, those faces I drew, my scribbling on everything

u owned, 2 years of eco another 2 of socio, your pictures which are so wow.

Faris: Yellow skin, hair like hay. Get rid of the hat!

Danish Elahi: :P

Humpty: Those damn cookies!

Shabby: A lot of fun, thank u so much, the flowers I left in your car, the video you made starring me, the ditches you, shaan and I endured, basically a whole lot of fun.

Fuzzies: chocolate and lots of it!

Haider and Zohra: the fact that u guys are way too nice, darul sukun, the dinner we will have.

Azhar, Abdur Rehman Aadil: "Tighhhttt", the ball date that never was, the fun weve had. Ill miss you guys.

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