Ayesha a.k.a Bonz : I leave you memories dating back till class 3 , birthday parties, intense discussions, heart 2 heart talks, issues, how similar certain people in our lives are, a coke with loads of ice, and the best friendship ever. Love you.

Sana : My first best friend in this school! I leave you everything . J issues, an entire pizza, my appetite , a lifetime supply of burps, weird conversations, abdul kader, mariams retardedness ,London, bunking, night spends, scary movies, the party, birdie num num and ofcourse liWin la Wida loca.

Capi : I leave you the best 5 years, a key to my house, long conversations, my habit of planning everything, our fights, how I used to get excited about YOUR birthday- ure silly excuses for getting yourself out of trouble, the 3rd floor, new years ever, 12th December, how different we are and ALL my love.

YuZra : I dont know if youll ever see this, but I leave you all my love, hugs , cuddles and big macs in the world. !! J

Nimr : You *?#%@ ! ß you know what you are. I leave you funny socks, your obsession with your self, how every chick wants you your b.day, the hij, sana and her contacts, your shopping, a/cs classes, marketing, bunking munu, issues and the best FRANSHIP ever !!

Saif : the best thing about you was that every time I felt like having a stupid discussion, I knew you were always there to join me b/c thats the only thing your good at ! J hehe joke. I leave you all our fights, crazy pictures, volleyball, football, your failed attempts at marooing philosophical theories with me, 3 spring rolls, 2 beef cheeses and a pepsi.

Sonya: I leave you our parties, my boat, lunches , dinners, romeo and juliet, dancing at the back of our class , ponky 1 , 2 and 3 . ure house , capi and loads more .

Mariam : Youre crazy ! J . I leave you all our mad discussions , naeem, pluck , chicken rolls, sana , ure brothers wedding, Alevels , my notes, jd, your cousins, yes you HAVE lost weight, kazim and a life long friendship.

Sunaina : I leave you the most fun 2 years , my bladder, our fits at jimmys, conversations at weird hours of the night, socio, a/cs, rumors, gossiping and loads more rumors to spread. J love you.

Aalya : Oyyee I leave you all the intensities in my life J issues, issues and more issues. Long conversations, our failed chocolate fest , " GOOD MORNING"s J jingle bangles and decorating our names on paper, notes in every single b.m and socio classes and loads more .

Achu : I leave you registration class conversations , my issues with eating gum which you found quite funny , maheens wedding, drunk uncles and Aalya !! J

Alizeh : I leave you memories from class 4 till today weve done so many fun things together , b.day parties, your tantrums with ure parents before EVERY single party about deadlines and so many more crazy things .

Naima : I see dead people Ill never forget the day u said that to me .. it was quite funny, ure crazy fights with y khan , the last ball , painting capis nails , ure hilarious and I love you .

Mani : Oye mailay I leave you an automatic replying system as to why I want to go to Bristol and a friendship from class 3 until forever

Mumly : One of my best friends in kgs, wow! 11 years! I leave you all our childhood memories, watching movies, phone conversations, escapades in London, a house in CENTRAL London , NOT France J and the most craziest memories ever

Jujoo : I think I must be having the funniest memories with you . your huge appetite, London umph .. gorgeous ! your house when your parents were away and a continuous supply of chicken pies to fill your huge stomach for a looooong time!!!

Salim & Nadir : YOU INSTIGATORS !!!! you guys were obsessed with trying to instigate fights b/w me and capi. I leave you guys homes to go to so you dont have to live on the roads, and a lifetime supply of "wheres capi?" thanks for hearing me out at times when I had issues , dont change!!

Omayr : Cuz oyee being born on the same day I leave you all my hyperness and ability to break loose and have fun , hope you use it sometime. J I promise itll do you some good. Take care and good luck . love you.

Daddy, Mummy, Ada, Apa, Fahad and Alyanna : Thank you for everything. The person I am today I owe it all to you . I leave you all my hyperness and the times when you never caught on to what I was saying b/c I was talking too fast . J hehehe. I love you

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