1,Sehr Jahangir Ahmed after 15 wonderful years in KGS, leave the following to my friends:

Subz: an eternal friendship. Youve been the greatest friend ever. I leave you all our lies, sneaking out, parties, special people, bushs party, birthdays, fights, cheap guys, melas, concerts, your cousins, sisters, naukar and your dadi, forever phone conversations, running on roads, embarrassing moments, other peoples houses, shopping, accidents, papa sallis, the ability to make better plans but still we always made them work-were the best, projects, lectures, sitting outside your house talking for hours, lots of cheap guys to follow you wherever you go, unlimited supply of tissues and my shoulder to cry on, lots of advice and a ear to listen to all your problems, bitching, bitching and more bitching about certain people, cute guys, batameezi, cheapness, the beach, and hopefully a never-ending friendship, I also leave you a rich hot boyfriend with a sexy car and lots of love.

Amna Ali: my one year elder twin sis, I leave lots of cake recipes, your very own de ja vu- useful for you! All my cool stories and lots of fun at college

Aisha Raees: since our strongest bond was history I leave you all the phone studying we did all through the night, cake recipes, your friends, your cousins wedding, an admission at any college in California, unlimited internet access and a great time at college.

Ambereen: class 9, 10, 11, weddings, dance practices, your dog which Im still scared of- physics tuition, mutual enemies and all the bitching, lots of gossip to keep u entertained, my sister, gulf, getting ready for balls and lots of cakes and brownies

Sanam: memories of class 4 onwards, our parents, our so so many studying sessions in which we talked more than studied, my lectures- remember them! Ice cream, cake and lots of chocolate, gulf, tuition, shopping, phone calls, and a promise to come and visit you at lums.

Vajea: your car! Eco tuition, registration, the point, your D, you can have him back! All the money I owe you and also your birthday present

Mehreen Arshad: memories of 10 years knowing each other, lunches, biryani, iftaris, your house, our teachers daughter bond and loads of fun and good luck in the future.

Bilal Bawany: a message board saying HI, lots of advice, and a badge saying my best friend!And a really hot girlfriendJ

Farrah Lakhani: umm - Abdul basit. Hes the best! Lots of bracelets, School balls, cheapness, biryani, bitching, a drop home by a certain someone from the play- you can have him now! And a blast at college.

Madiha: a long talk we once had, friends which not me you dont have, our pierced noses, and my boring self- u wish! And lots of fun at school

Abdur Rehman: all our after school talks about some people-good luck, st.pats, your bro, and u dropping me home- which was just once!

Bushra Iqbal: Indian history classes, notes and an endless supply of gossip

Aqsa, Arwa, Sara, Hadia, Mehreen: lots of flop plans, and lots of stories so you guys never get bored!

Areeba, Sila, Sonya, Shezeen, Evike: memories of class 8 and 9- they were loads of fun- and all the bitching about a certain someone

Hina, Saima: class 4-7, junior school, birthday parties- dont forget them

Abbas: the promise to keep meeting on chaand raat every year! Our stupid picture! Lina Moosa- uff- and a welcome for all your thank yous- I still dont know what they were for!

Wamiq: studying Eco, a million zillion Eco books and magazines- so u never run out, school balls and lots more Eco

Tariq: myself- hehehe, a coke which actually you owed me, and all mine and subzs stories which you were dying to know- ur the cutest!

Nida Hanif, Havovi: thanks for your help

Nida Rizvi: my bracelets

Sana Mansoor: lots of gum and sweets in replacement!

Nazifa: a ticket to Lahore, unlimited Internet access, Eco tuition which you never came to! A hot b.f. and a great time at college

UsmanSohail: first year memories.

Malik: great times in the van

Myla: the van, dance practices, your sisters wedding, O level bio and lotsa volleyball

Sana Rehman: we will survive, we will get As- uhh I wish!

Insi: our long talks in Eco class about leaving school- you were great company

Zarsh: 15 great years, hopscotch, a friend who disappeared, socio and thanks for being so sweet- Ur the best


Fatima Hai: family weddings!

Kamal: have fun, party hard and try to stay out of trouble

My little sisters: lots of fun at KGS, thanks for being the best sisters ever, work hard but have fun too.

My parents: all the love in the world, thank you for the love and support youve given me and for sending me to KGS

Sorry to all my friends and teachers I left out- no space- KGS I LOVE U

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