O JAY: Thank you for being a damn good friend. Honestly, don't change at all or I'll be deprived of good company. I'm really gonna miss you. Never lose touch. Promise to always retain your obsession for gaalis and porno. Look after yourself and have a blast no matter what you end up doing. These past years have been amazing. I'll never forget all the bitching, fights, your bharam and the wedding. Take carelove ya!

ASFAND: My hot sarru friend. Its been amazing to say the least. All the get togethers at our houses, all my obsessions; My hot cousin! My gold nail polish, coffee, boat basin, pointless drives; the McDonalds drive through, my fear of the dark, de ja vu and never forget your Wharton dude promise. My laughing fits and your love for donuts. All those winks and looks in Eco class. Thanks for all the times you've helped me out. Don't forget the solo dance promise, talking through your ass and all the bharam. A million thanks for being patient and listening to my never-ending stories. You're a great friend always stay one.

SUNAINA: To my happiest friend. An infinite number of thank you's for helping sort out all my issues and still smiling. It's been a terrific friendship. Thank you for always being there and being one of the best friends I've ever had. I will honestly miss you. Always keep in touch and stay the same. The kiddy birthday parties, day spends, phone conversations, our plans, discussions and mediations on life. I wish you all the happiness and success in the world. I leave you toleration for my taste in music, which is definitely better than yours is. History class, bitching about a certain someone, notes that we never took and the amusement provided by all the blooming romances in history class. Your stupid poky pencils and the brownies that you baked for everyone else except me. I leave you all the goodness, sincerity, worry and love in the world. Leaving you with a huge huglove always.

SILA: Millions of memories, millions more to come. Ive known you for 14 years from our short skirts to shalwar kamiz. Its been quite an experience, leaving me with the belief that well always manage to get through everything and anything with the trust, support, understanding and love thats developed our friendship over the years into something better and stronger. All our dreams, plans, hopes, ambitions and obsessions that weve shared. our gossiping, bitching, about everything, anything, anytime, anywhereill never forget. The pointless, endless, phone conversations, our mutual love for drives, swimming, London, day spends, maggi, lit classes and freak from hell. The promises to meet at various points in our lives no matter where we arekeep those. Miss me loads, visit me at kings, I wish you all the happiness love and success that life could possibly offer. Heres to the end of the beginning and the beginning of something better. You know this is anything but the end. Love you always.

SONYA: I love you. You know that na? Its amazing how our fight in ninth grade led to us becoming friends. All the gossiping, bitching and phone conversations. The junoon and jassi concerts. Being pinched and abusing people. All the get togethers at my house and your housethey were the bomb! Mrs. Hendersons tuition; being pushed from one side of the classroom to the other! How can I forget all the things we did and talked about? I recall sitting on various floors just chatting away about everything. There is no such thing as goodbye when it comes to friends like you.

NIMR: I leave you with a friendship that will last us a lifetime. Your eternally embarrassing comments, your sense of humor, your ability to always make me laugh but piss me off at the same time, all your irritating qualities that I love, all the abuses in the world and your life plan. Get togethers, movies, pictionary and your hypochondriac driver. Youre favorite song. Undress me eyes.hahahahah. Whats the scene Billy Jean? The memories of you making me stare at all the girls you thought were hot.what the hell was that?!? So here's to all the fun we've had and all that's yet to come.

ALIZEH: My god our friendship has evolved over the years. From grade 7, all the day spends, phone calls, bitching, bonding sessions and obsessions. To our BIG fight..Hahaha that was so pointless. Its been great I'm glad we got over that. Memories of your house, my house, good food, crank calls, fish, chuckles and spastic. My god!! Alizeh why are you going to Canada?!?!?! I leave you a lifetime of happiness and the belief that no matter where we end up we will always stay in touch.

AREEBA: all the get togethers. My house, your house, dinners and lunches. Phone conversations that left me with a feeling of satisfaction knowing that we were friends. Thank you for always being you, a silent friend but a great one. I'm sure great things will come your way because someone as considerate, genuine and hardworking as you deserves and incredible lifetime.

SANA T: Jaffri, registration, boredom, my fifty billion irritating names; he never got it right did he? Stereo nation concert when chocolate cake auntie pinched my ass traumatizing me and amusing you! The jassi concert when we waited all freaking evening for just one song. Not to forget the wedding we attended together and the amusement the dancing provided. We've had so much fun together. I wish wed been in touch earlier. I hope were together in London. Take care, Sana. Love ya!

MARIAM: I still remember the first day I walked into nursery, you were my first friend at KGS and a good one to date. You always made me laugh and although we've drifted I have amazing memories of our friendship. Always stay the same and please keep in touch.

QASIM: I've known you for the longest time, 10 years, and it's been a friendship I will always remember. All the history classes, the notes and the 'A' that you stole from me in our O levels. Ill forgive but never forget!! Have a blast and stay in touch.

ZAHRA: To my newest yet closest friendI leave you all the memories, love, success and happiness in the world. Conversations that took place in history class; those that you did actually attend. My god! All that gossiping and bitching and all the trouble it got us into. Hope were together in England and that you get all that you deserve in life. Freaking out before all the exams; history and lit, the late night phone calls and our luck. All the gaalis, the crazy things we did, the times you sneaked out of your house, your driving and the shit you got into after boat basin. I leave you an amazing trust and friendship to develop even further over the years.

NADIA: I leave memories of bharam, the hours of conversation about everything and nothing. All the times we climbed the wall to get mirchi fries, shopping trips, zahras house, food and all your abuses. Stay jhat, love you yaar.

 UZMA: the past two years have been great. Thanks for being there when I needed youstay the same and have a blast at LUMS.

Sara: Weve been best friends in grade four, liking and disliking the same people. Day spends, calling spirits, kiddie birthday parties and the day we got blasted by your mother. The *ahem * day spends at sunainas nanis house and your sisters wedding. Thank you for being such a prominent part of my childhood. Always stay in touch. Love always.

Anuscha: My first memory of you: swinging on trees and playing together every evening. Being best friends in grade 4. Day spends, boat rides, your driving and the day we ended up at the train station. Its been great, have a blast at college.

SAMAN: being friends since the day we were born, all the birthdays, day spends and get togethers. All the family bonding and dinners we endured together. Not to forget the karaoke at your house. I will always remember the good times.

IFTI: history classes,dinners and millions of plans.its been great.take care of yourself and have fun at college.

QASIM J: Thank you for contributing to my years at kgs. Stay the same.

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