To Rehanoo and Shahan: I leave you mama and aba to take care of, and a great school life ahead.(without MEEE getting you guys late!)

Rehan: a BIG hug for SAT and all my college essays- I couldn't imagine where I would be without you.

Shahan: I leave house captaincy, make us proud! Also a warning to BE GOOD and stay out of trouble!! Love you, always.

SILA: To my sister I leave a 14-year-old car pool, dripping wet hair, socks in our mouths, and the thought that we ALWAYS made it! Munavvar and our crying sessions. The farm behind my house, Rehan and ganging up, nanos attic, the broken candle and your terrifying stories. "Papa kehte hai," Umma and Hiawatha dreams. The cheap charity show with the jelly babies in the jelly. Sunroofs and gutter paani! Aunty Yasmin, and her foxies, daal chawal and how it always tasted better at your place. Imli/falsa cravings and all the khutaahat in the world. You were also a bully achaa- all the threats to wax ppl. PSYCHO thoughts in a room-, which only YOU understand. Breakfast in bed, starched white shirts and black ties forever! JOSH HARTNETT fantasies. Chaapas that bug us! All the lesboness in the world. How can I summarize a friendship which has literally lasted from crayons to perfumes? I leave you an amazing lifetime and many more brilliant things to come our way. God knows you deserve it. Thank you for knowing me for all my weaknesses and being my strength even though there were times where I know you yourself were not strong, and still choosing to love me.


CAPI: aka THE REAL SLIM SHADY!phase 1 ROCKS YO!!! godsisterlines, neighbourliness, my fondness for a certain scrumptious bumthe million and 1 mutlubi phone calls, I LOVE YOU ACHAA! Chicken rolls, udhaars and our attempts to drive into defence market without being shot dead. Constant jhaars from auntie debbs 'THE GOLDEN GIRLS!'-the MILLIONS of tutions we were sent to togetherTHE HASHIM DAYS..our mothers and their eternal quests to sudhrofy us. your love for me which develops only when I keep goodlooking company-crazzzzy get aways and shady entrances and exists at very ahem ahem odd hours-and of course, your ability to get away with it all!!pathetic attempts to sort out our love livespyscho confessions and embarrassing crushes(DON'T YOU DARE!!!) the knowledge that I really do care no matter how much I try to deny it. See ya in indiana, shirtless, with a cowboy hat, riding a horse backwards into the horizon!!!oh and Q, dont worrythere are plenty of TARAAAS in the sky!!..Thank you for being the big brother I never had.

ALIZEH: how it all started with the chicken dress, leading to best friendship forever in class 6(ill never forget the way you cried when I left for isloo), saif and your blood and sweat, annual winter fights and annual midwinter(well-make it spring)make ups. Your love for phase I(not ALL because of MEEE!), pyscho obessesive crushes. The GodFather, bachoo mia and the gang. Ramzan and all the

TENSION I sense!!! I SWEAR! 'mein achi lag rahi houn kya?!'. Loot le! Loot le! The B.O.A eco paper scandal, which btw I createdshared great taste in music(you know its JUST us). My inability to give you compliments, class 9 and 'mere rung me'-the night spend when you drove us crazy about your fringe. I love you alizoo-your madness,your wannabe thugnessEVERYTHING!!!- thankyou for being one of the

few people to give me the strength to do what I had to-move on. Always, Toni xxx


JUNJUA: MOAAAA!!! CH***** POWER!! To you lucifer, I leave my nasal voice and your constant hehe.all the chummies and ppppupppppies in the world 'hello bebeh' and the way mama picked it up..hahahah!! THE P'S , and your certain affection for the illusive one! Constant trips to the beach- DE JA VU. DRESS WARMyour mood which changes after a certain herbal refreshment. YOU ARE NOT CAPTAIN OF THE CHOO***s, I AM .i have ****'s! the knowledge that I am no longer a turtle and you are no longer a ferraricorolla pe hi phas jao! Ahayeah! Teccan warsLOOK AT THE WAY YOU LIGHT YOUR FAGYOU FAG!.our obsession with gimpy and the way he hates hanging out with us. I leave you memories of one of the oldest friendships you've had, nursery crushes and a great school life together-from Ms Musa to o-level accounts classes and your tacky, perverted imitations. NOTE:I NEVER went out with you in class 6 jujoo..i swear!! I did play barbies with you though! Daily trips near muhatta palace "weve never been here before!".i also leave you MARCUS ANTONY and all his insecurities..what can I saya dog is like his owner.!(jk). Achoo uncle and his love for meshit, I have practically lived with you these past 2 years! Thankyou for being my bestest most hilarious, lovable friend ever. Thank you for being you! Heres to a 14 year old

friendship and many more collect calls!! 'DRIVE ALL THE WAY TO VERMONTAND DON'T FORGET TO BRING SOME W***!!!'I love you jujooo.

SUNAINA: to one of my closest friends, I leave gymkhana, tennis and how we

became chichorees together,KY spazness- we really set them up didnt we? 10

things that I cant help but love about you'-all the S.T'S we sensed, our

mutual hatred for certain people, gossiping and b****ing sessions, day and

night spends at your place and our crude attempts to psychologize people. It was seriously very thereputic! Also the knowledge that you are one of the sweetest most genuine people I know and don't let anyone else tell you otherwise!- OH! And I also leave you a Wharton dudeand a Lambrouginue!


ASFAND AND OJAY: To my "OTHER BROTHERS" I leave an incredible friendship and the thought that there is no such thing as goodbye. Thanksgiving, NYC, Okay!!?

ASFI: Streetfighter! Zangeef? 4th grade, and rating legs, all those def leppard and G'n'R parties, and the deliberate pool incident. Our amazing dosti, and the knowledge that my kids will call you Khaloo- BANANA THE BOMBBB!!!! hanging out till 2am talking nonsense! The ease, which we found in our silence. Thanks for always listening and trying to understand what little sense, you could make of my complicated existence- Eternal love and respect.

OJAY: Eternal laughter, endless fighting, and the knowledge that you cant live without me no matter how hard you try! We were one incredible Two some.

Heres to rounding up girls, and nailing their a****! hahaha! Advice on women, and the way you shafted me, only to realize that I was right all along. You're one person who has really stuck by me through thick n thin. I Love you man!

SHEZ PHEZ: the FIGHT and the amazing best friendship it led to(it was all silas fault, hehe), motherliness, your lap and how it was an eternal source of comfort for me. French manicures and all your auntiness. Lounges at your place, the amazing food and a million lunches and dinners. All the junoon concerts (where, btw you refused to believe me!), the rain(eew!!). The balls and my undying love for shahbaz sumaar (BAAASTI if he happens to come across this!)-an investment banker to cater to all your demands-all the love in the world

TO SAIFEE DAADOO: I leave 9th grade ,M.O.D cheapness, indian songs, spontaneous breakdances, poetry, pseudoness and all the cheesiness in the world! A great 1 year and how it all had to end. THE PARTY, all my initial disappointments and all the pointless fighting which I wish I could take back. Thank you for being a part of my best times at kgs. So now were leaving saifits all overhave a great life! I know you will.

AREEBA: I leave my obsession with your sister, all the amazing chocolate at your place, twister and new years 97! Thankyou for being one of the most genuine friends ive ever known. wuv ya!

NIMRAA: 'naach meri jaan naach!!'.To my favorite dance partner and our very own personal, live in Govinda/Amitabh. To you I leave all the mehndis,... a backup ball date, and a telephone directory with the number of all the eligible bacheloreses in karachi. PREREQUISTITE: 16 OR UNDER!!memories of jamilas tution and how it was cooler in the BLAASTED heat then in her supposed a.c'd room. I also leave you with your grave attempts to pick onuhmm some sensitive areas and HOW I

CRIED-you've been a great friend. Have a BLAAST in London!!

ZAHRA,UZMA,NADIA: to my most hysterical,whacky,conventarrian behno I leave memories of the most peverted conversations in the alcove, our cheap, jhatti punjabi sense of humor...SMOOOCH , im so glad I got to know you guys!

ZIGGEH!: other than naima, I leave you with memories of my obsession with "MICKEY" sahi keh rahin hain aap""D.I.G KA GHAR HAI PAPSI ko talay se lock kartey hain?" and the way you sweetly said to me "mickey watches p*** but he isnt allowed to drink soda, it makes him hyper!!". The wacky after ball night spend, calling pizza hut at 5 in the morningour attempts to dodge your guards and sneak out. THE PSYCHOTIC MUJRAand the way I encouraged you to "DO IT ALL AGAIN". lit sessions and our unsuccessful attempts to study together and lastly the notorious video pact--- remaining between the four of us for ever- I will be seeing you in Boston soon-just don't dance for them in Holyoke!!!

NADIA! My love, I leave you with a great figure and all my envy (I know you lurrrve it when I flatter you)hehehethe red bracelet which I promise never to lose...memories of the ball night-when YOU were rude and I got upset..and instead YOU cried the whole night thinking I was offended -SERIOUSLY that was very touching-HILAARIOUS but touching!! Your ability to always make me fall into fits of laughter with your frankness.I HAVE to come visit you!!!PARTY ONNNN IN CALLI BABEY!!!

UZMA: MISS PRISS!!!.. "talk to me about something I like to talk about naatalk to me about BIOLOGY!!!" HAHAHAHAthe way me and zahra laughed. mutual love for subway and the way we would fight with sila and zahra to get our way!..thankyou for being the sweetestand don't let the bullies bring you down! have a great time at LUMSstay in touch!

MAANI: FATAAFAT!!the shereyar-bun kabab inccident, REMO'S CINEMA and

all the scandals, class 9K and the balcony scene (which btw I will NEVER forget), your tacky taste in women, DIGGING IN THE NOSEthe ONLY DECENT crush you had on MEEE which I will never let you live down, despite your hundreds of attempts to deny it. p.s. CHAAAANCE!!(to make me look good)

NAIMA: YO!!! FREESTYLA!! I leave you 2 words. CHAI and PAAN! Tea parties with Neex, cruises in the civic, and plans for sheesha which never materialised. 'LAANTI!!!' and your love/hate relationship with zahra. Keep those mujraas rolling sister! you HAVE to come visit me in Bennington!!

IFTI: Class 10 , the way we bugged Adil. My cousins wedding and all the Allah toba dances. Chai and get togethers at my house. Have a great time in canada! Take care always

To SANA, SASSI and AYESHA: I leave junior school and our buchpunaa together, high pony tails, short skirts, cheap fights-we really grew up too fast!

Sassi: from speed boat rides, to memories of my first unovot. Class 10 and our ponkynes, ponky 2 was it?! Also a big THANKYOU for giving me the love of my life-Mr LL COOL JO!!-have a great time in London.

Sana: 'RIDING BACK STRAIGHT FROM THE HIGHWAY!' and our unsuccessful

attempts to make people dance. Ms musa and the red indian tasveer. GHAANCHIS and the Zainab bathroom incident where we ran out HYSTERICAL!always stay the same!

Zarsheesh and Bariza: for just being there and ALWAYS providing me with a shoulder to cry onthankyou. I will never forget you guys.

To qasim, nadir, shoaib and zain: I leave great talks on the three mortal sins, great taste in music and the ability to drive safe-you need it!

QASIM A: all the sisterly advice which you NEVER took! Crazy accidents outside my house, your sisters mehndi and the fun we had. Montreal rocks-have fun!

NADIR: to you I leave boredom in eco classes, our passion for Jim Morrison and all the sketches we made of him. I also leave you Oberlin-you owe me one!

SHOAIB: a big THANKYOU for remembering! stay in touch!

ZAIN: I leave you registration and HOW I missed you when you were absent.

To uncle Sajjad: 'IF YOUR FEELING LOW'. I leave u 'MOOOAHAHA!!' and the cow face. O- levels 99 and how we laughed through it all. Mr mufton and breakuponia cheapness-and despite all your comments, there was no TEMPERRONIA! I also leave you aunty Kaif, 'go slow' and Julie madness. You are REALLY not funny. Thankyou for being the bestest!

Mr olla: thankyou for ALWAYS making trips to Mrs Mujahids office fun!

Jaan mohammad sahib: har cheez ke liye aap ka bohat shukriya.

"Tired of lying in the sunshine, staying home to watch the rain,
you are young, and life is long and there is time to kill today,
and then one day you find, 10 years have gone behind you,
no one told you when to run,
you missed the starting gun..."

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