MUMLY: UUUffffffffhhhhhhh, dude man, I leave you all the olevels and alevel times to start of with. The wild nights, junoon-concerts, biddus-tuitions, biology-addmaths-chem classes in 10 and 11. The talks about London, the gay phrases, and three bedrooms, which start from the top floor, down to the basement, playstation days, SREEB-EPOD, dances on songs by Next, pushto, and last but not least all the women in the world.

 ALI: Hello nooooooooo, dudeeeeee I dont wanna leave you anything cuz it sounds like were leaving for good but none the less, I firstly leave you STARWARS fan no. 1 honour, your singing in class 4, omar-bhaii, driver-sahib, nani jokes, a one-way ticket to tariq-road in an air conditioned rickshaw, the title of chulla-prince, younus bhai, our favourite fraud sindhi friend, antics at this years ball, stats class at my house, my shisha, and last but not least I leave you Trish Stratus.

 Faraz: The sane one in our friend ship (or so I thought), I leave you with RETSAM YPS, followed by chem at your house, Peshawar, all the cricket we have played, my 97 against your captaincy, gymkhana and everything to do with it, hot-chick, favourite sindhi, the dumb risk taker, sports rivalry, my car, ammar valikas choris, my pc, the ability to sneeze at will, flop fantasy cricket teams, lemonade, and last but not least (sorry ali) the title of chulla-king.

 FARAZ AND ALI: Well here we go, known you two freaks for all my life, honestly its been hard surviving you two, always wanting to pull of some stunt or the other, heres some stuff you both deserve together. I leave you two with just memories and secrets, of the hard work we put in our planning and designing the perfect escapes from all the weird stuff we did, the pins in someones car and their tyre, ISLAMABAD, Playstation times, business ventures, Fuji-dinners, rickshaw rides, SMACKDOWN, and most of all I leave you with eht yarps gnitniap ew did.

 Buppi: Heyyyyyy mannnnnnnn, buppriiiiiiiii, aww dude this is it, you have been my longest companion in this school, to u I leave the walks to get food from your old apartment, and afternoon lunches everyday in Alevels, not to mention the lounging around in the alcoves, and general projects.

 BEHRAMJEE: Bam a true friend and real sweet guy, my true wwf partner, hope you get to have your own world class airline, I leave you with wwf memories, Smackdown, Peshawar, swimming parties, taimurs tuitions, a world-class airline, your birthdays, best bowling figures in kgs, timetable for flights, and the award for being the best sport ever.

 SAMEER Leghari: I leave you a nose job and all the talk about the beautiful women in our school, i.e. the chiyanis, shezadi, and not to mention a good three months.

 AYESHA: Well bonny, its time now. To you one of my most trustworthy friend I leave you, all the memories which we have shared in our friendship from class four onwards, since we have been together since then, especially those of you trying to play the flute, our class being slit up, you beating half the boys in arm wrestling, clay fights and field trips

 SASSI: Haan sassi, I leave you, selling socks, mails from the usa, capi, the efforts to become a prefect, the weird dance moves you have, my BIG BUTT, dinners at your houses, zain bhai, I also leave you the blame if some animal goes extinct, hakim, peeping into class in 10 and 11, sukhbir ball, taking shots at new years eve in ldn, and last but not least I leave you with the eternal question- why you going to Bristol

 J.D.: Ohhh sukhbirrrr, I leave you with wise cracks in Peshawar, the ZZzzz, internships, ICT, fraud cricket, and of course siding of pissus car.

 Mashoo: Haan yaar listen to my advice, sudhar jaaa, grow up but not too much, have a blast in school and try to stay in till alevels.

 ALIZEH : Doofi, all I can leave you is the advice stay away from men, its bad for the health, especially yours, however out of the goodness of my heart I leave you with, NFK-HW-SK-ZM.

 ASIF: Awwwwwww pisssssssuuuuuu, I leave you my eternal gratitude for making a cricketer out of me, and thus I leave to you the cricket captaincy, the discuss gold, the trip to Sri Lanka, and the one night of adventure you joined me for an art class at night.

 SANIA: Auummmmm Suniya, I swear I didnt know that if I were to copy how effandi calls you, it would become one of the most repeated phrases, well I guess I would have to leave you with my maths tutoring, math classes, online talking ( and people I dont mean Mirc), London zoo, and especially admission into Holyoke.

 NIMR: Ooooooooooohhhhhhhhhh, man to the shortest and blackest guy in school, leave you a pair of high heel boots and some fair and lovely, so that you may get the girl you have been wooing all throughout adolescence ( the one who likes short black guy).

 MARIUM G: Well Ill start of by leaving you five chicklets, and classes at ICT, fraud classes they were, but I guess I would also have to leave you Mr. Burger, flop cousins, ninjas, KBC questions by Nimr.

 MALIK: Man, other than black Sabbath, I leave you chem. and bio classes in Alevels, the water fights, flop experiments, studying VIP during Alevels, Jayas not-being-able-to-understand classes, ISLAM 2, and especially café-F _ _ _ H.

 POTTER: Colonel, I leave you lots of ghee, and practicals that we suggested to Mr. K , and times in class 10 and 11 with capi.

 ASAD: Dude I leave you with our futile efforts to hack Alevels, and the forever affection for AKU.

 AALYA: Arrraayyyy, I leave you with a lot of pinches as payback, the habib family, acts of sucking in helium and talking, and ferdies jokes,

 ZAHRA HAIDER: Haanji, I leave you first lover boy Azzi, U.S. Colleges, G_ _ _ _ U beta, lies which you told me when you were in London, claiming you were someone else, and a lot of happiness.

 MOD GIRLS: Well I leave you with best of wishes and memories, for being a very very cool lot.

 ZAIN CHINOY: Man, I leave to you Peshawar, the nights out in the streets, balochistan, DeMaurier fags, corona drinks in Leicester square, a position of a specialist batsman, turhans lectures on men , and a degree in HBMS.

 SANA: Well sana, I leave you first of all slade, guddu beta, selling socks, and your rang,

 NAIMA: Don, I leave you all the mobs you can control, johnie walker paans, broken bottles, and most of all I leave you with

 OMAR SALAHUDDIN: HAANJI, I leave you with the two tournaments we won in the beginning of the year, the march past, the march past, meetings and night volley ball that we played.

 SCHOOL CRIKET TEAM : I leave you guys with a lot of luck because you will need it once we Sys leave

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