Before coming to KGS I thought I am gonna have a good time, a time that I

might remember for sometime. It's been two years now, I came across lots of

people and friends, probably too many to discuss everyone and yeah few short

but good memories of sports day and all. FY was kinda okay, thanks to Ahmed

Saeed, who really helped me during sports times. SY beginning was quite interesting with dramas & all and yeah the volleyball matches, especially the one between Papworth boys & Napier girls. Sports were one of the things that were unique about KGS. Yeah, Foot sole - we spent quite a time playing that, kinda fun though. And of course the Sports Day, at least I am gonna remember it for a longtime, you know why! It surprised even me; I am a good runner Huh - even I didn't know that. That was the best day of KGS!

Before leaving I wanna thanks to all of my friends who supported me and bore me for such a long time. Tough job huh! I've nothing much to share, but

what I've is true. To Asma, I leave all the memories of chemistry practicals

and of course the short-time at Jaya's place and all the help during the

exams, that was amazing gal! Thanks. And for the rest of my friends I leave

all the odd good-days. Thanks Amer for helping me; Bushra, Nida, Sabbah,

Taimur, Fahd, Raza, Abbas - I owe quite a lot to you. I wish I could have

been there for you people more often. I know I wasn't much of a friend to

anyone, I tried my best though. I'm glad I got to know a part of you people,

that's more than enough for me. Try to keep in touch!


"Don't be dismayed at good-byes. A farewell is necessary before you can

meet again. And meeting again, after moments or lifetimes, is certain for

those who are friends."

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