To tahir, I leave behind all the acrobatic wall scaling tricks he taught me and some brains so that he may come up with better excuses in future of coming school late.

To nida, I leave behind the school washrooms where she may carry an hourly inspection visit and ofcourse all the delightful memories of the hassle-cum-fun activities of the urdu society.

To bushra alas bushi, I leave behind all those endless fits of laughter she used to have on occasions hardly found amusing by anyone else.

To sabbah, I leave behind the never to be found sex-bomb cassette and all the unsold valentine cards which she may donate for a charitable cause.

For feroz, I leave behind a lost-n-found box where his lost accessories such as couple of calculators, cell-phone, books n notes can be deposited.

To aamir. Raza and fahad, I leave the memories of first year breaks that used to be a nightmare for anyone coming under the phora onslaught.

To talha, shakir and sheryar I leave behind a snooker table so they need not run to baba ji every time after school.

To rishad and ghanchi, I leave the empty general class with miss Romana; a place where they can eat each others ears up.

To adnan, tariq and zeeshan, I leave an official notice whereby they are regular team members of the new G footsole association and urdu Drami committee.

To maria.m and maria.a I leave behind the dreadful memories of the cancelled urdu play and the tiresome but funfilled practices of the approved one.

To errol, d.elahi and tahir, I leave behind a jar of sun block which they should have used before every papworth match.

To maha and espacially abbas, I leave the papworth house meeting room, a place where they practiced hours before Wednesday mornings.

To lubna, sana and summaiyah, I leave first years library gossips and the memories of second years maths classes-cum-fun.

To marium javed and gokal, I leave behind two more years to eat up Mr. Munawars and Mr. Naeems accounting brains.

To taha noor and danish.s, I leave anything but books and studies.

To all those who took their maths exam in first year, I leave behind packs of cards, chessboards and sets of ONO.

For all those who survived two years of accounts classes, I leave a medal of adjushmaent Rather than achievement and a cooler of nestle pure water.

To those who had stats, I leave behind the most joyous and happening memories of maths class.

To bawany and mubin , I leave behind the unforgettable bloopers we had on stage of the urdu play.

To nargis and wajiha, I leave a make-up kit so they continue practicing the art of turning actors into zombies.

To hassam and ramiz, I leave behind all the girls of the maths class so they may keep trying impressing each and every one of them.

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