NARGIS: "jinx!"...yeah yeah i know u are always "picking up" after me...watching over me..teaching me road directions...putting up with my crazy mood swings....eating my left overs...and always doing your best to be the bestest friend this world has to offer....and yup...i admit that once you leave i'd be lost without you!..and i only wish that i could i could somehow turn back time and do everything we did all over again...only so that it would last forever!...especially the part where me , you, san, fahd, ikki, hasan, mahvish, irmaz and maria would be back in sir Ismail's class! I W 2!! alwayz,your jia

FAHD:......i know this much that no matter where you go...whatever the year... whatever will always remain..."our" crazy Fahd....and one of my bestest childhood buddies!!....and i also happen to know that it may kill you to admit it but behind that "i-dont-care" wala attitude...lies the warm, nutty, funny, Fahd me, san and nadi adore and love!! luv ya budee! yours always,"G"

RAZA: "haan haan pata hai math mai kia aya tha" kills hurts my pride..Ooh!! ego...Ouch!..but i have to admit that once you are back in lums i'll miss your constant bugging and teasing like crazy!!...infact..I already do!...and no kidding yar...but i think you are a gem of a guy and and i luv it when

your eyes sparkle with mischief and you get that "i know a secret"wali smile

on your face...and i also happen to know that i have let you know a little

too much and that it's about to be rubbed in my face fer the rest of my

life! damn!!!:) yours always,"choti duniya"

MUBASHARAH: Mobi!!!! yar i cant believe that these two years went by so fast!..i mean it seems like only yesterday when we were sitting in registration and having our daily girl-to-girl talks or just planning on suing the school for the 7:30 deadline!!

nopes! i can never forget you! you are one of the people who have made the KGS

experience so much more better!! thanx a lot!! and take care of yourself!

ZARA SHAHEEN:...yar wasnt it only yesterday when we went to pizza hut

in ramazan? bunked urdu? went out for halwa puri? comlained about history? and

put up with fahd,amer and raza?? those were some amazing days and im glad that you were such a major part of them!thanx! ur,"GI_JOE"

ZARSHEESH: Zarsh when i say you are "one in a million" me..i mean it!!tahnx fer being there fer not just me..but everybody who comes across your way!!....and im sorry if i ever hurt you....and hey!! rest will be a very long time before i forget 24th september 1999 :)

HUBBAN:....ok first of all...i hope your bungee jumping dream comes true... secondly...i wish i'd known you earlier.....thirdly..i'm still waiting for that barbecue party to materialize...fourthly..i think you are absolutely amazing....fifthly..i'll miss you..sixthly..just take care of yourself!!

NAVEEN:....i dont know what to say to you....i mean its true that in the end

we did not hang out much....but whatever time we spent together....i enjoyed

all our moments together.. and when in the beginning the whole of kgs seemed

alien were one person who i could truly call my "friend". thanx

SAAD AHMED:...hmm......revenge huh????...yar i had so much fun when we

used to have our daily water fights.....!!:)....and the best part was when i

always managed to drench you first!! u take care budee!

BAREEZA: we've had some good times..havent we?? take care of youself and

carry on with your "kamel crushes":P

HIRA and MARIA MANSOOR: look up the words sweet,nice and genuine in the

dictionary and you will find your description there....and please just dont

ever change!! favourite D.W in school!!:) i guess i'll be seeing you around!

SANA IRSHAD: nopes!soree sana..i'm not "bi":P ....and did i ever tell you that you are an amazingly fun person to be with

SANA GANGAT: stay the way you are>>>cos trust are great that


NAZEFA:...hmm.....i can bet you are jumping with joy at the prospect of going back to Lahore!...well....i have to give you credit..that you do know how to enjoy your life!! take care..and see ya around!

AZHAR: god!!!i had an amazing time with you!!..and iu wish i'd known you earlier!!and dont ever forget "the bunker gang!"

AAZHAR and ADEEL:..hmm.....have fun kiddos!!!:P

AMER: ok..tell me one good reason why i should include you in my will?? i mean

you are such a dumass!!..a total stupid,stupid ass..! you contradict everything i say..and i keep telling you that "i hate you".....but then the fact remains that you are my very favourite person on this bestest friend ever...a brilliant source of happiness..and you always always manage to put a smile on my face...but above are "my AMZ"."4 L" Inshallah yours,mottu

PS:..and i still think you are such a dumass!:)

PPS:AMZ!...bhook lagee hai!!

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