I am a real mean person and thus am taking all my belongings with me to the US! Just kidding. Since this is my will, there is a strong possibility of excluding someone, so please do forgive me. I know youve always had your eyes on my secret diamond mines, but you should have put more makhan on me! According to law, you cannot sue my lawyer, and you cant run after my last custodian. Its not a matter of cant, but more a matter of wont. You see my trustful Doberman Pinchers are truly best friends to me. Get the picture?

Okay, down to business. My most successful investment venture: The Business Society: I leave in the honorable hands of Mr. Sajjad. It has been a wonderful experience for me and I thank all who share this experience with me: Farrah, Saad, Raza, Mobin, Sanam, and the rest of competent Council. Thank you Mr. Sajjad for believing in me and supporting me in every aspect and corner during these past few years.

Farrah, you can have my lily pond. Its a whole new natural world in there, full of surprises. Adnan: my Golf clubs and the free tickets to Tandoori hut. My Pabsi goes to Kashif who is totally in love with drinks in glass bottles. Be it black or orange, the passion is the same. To Yousuf I leave my classical CDs. My Astrophysics Chaos Theory books will be shared evenly between Mehreen Arshad and Danish Kamal. Danish I know youre such a gentleman! Malick you can have my Lara Croft collection. Goofyooo-yeah! Next, my Astrology and Mythology books go to the lovely ladies whore ever so interested in the workings of the universe: Nida and Hani. Sumaiya you can have my books on the Egypt Gods. Raza you get my soft and hard copies of documents, which are of interest to you and you alone. Hope you can change the world with those! Mubashira, Sana Gungat, Mehreen Abbasi, and Adnan Qadri; you people can hold on to my Econ. Notes. Sherry: I am giving you the most important thing: The Key to Revolution! Its the key to the bunker full of arsenal. When the time is right, Raza will contact you to put the plan into implementation. I cannot be more explicit than that.

To Mobin, I leave my memories. If theres a person in our batch whos always and always been there, its this remarkable individual. I dont care if you like being praised so much in front of everyone, but you are a real friend to me and no matter where I look, where I hunt, where I seek; I can never even dream of finding such a great person like him. I have known this young man since we were together in class 4 and have never seen such a sensible and individualistic person anywhere. There have been times when he was totally swayed away from his path, but so have all of us. But his heart is made of gold, and outlined with diamonds. Mobin, by the time you read this; I would be quite a distance away from you, but I want you to remember one thing; Youll always be in my heart as a real close friend and my doors are always open to you forever. Whenever you need it, you just walk up to me and ask. But listen ask me decent things okay: not like, Wamiq I want to be the next President of Cuba, will you help my campaign! Just kidding. Take Care bud and wish you all the best in the world.

Taimur Channa, Ive already given you the National Flag, why are you in line? Oh, you want my dog? Asher and Adil, you can run the Cyber-Netix Society for me. My car goes to Abbas, especially after the tire on his car burst as a really beautiful lady was sitting on that side. The poor tire couldnt handle her attractiveness. But, Abbas do me a favour and teach Mariah Arif how to drive. She hit me with the car outside school and needs a good tutor. To Yasir, I leave my useful and credulous BMX cycle. Now Maha is a person Ive known since class three ever since her mother (and my 1st class teacher) compelled me to give her the last sweet packet I had left on my birthday. So Maha, I leave you the legal rights to my doggy. But you can only avail them after hes 21 years. Until then hes the master of his own fate, after all he has diamond mines to run!

Well, thats it. I hope I havent forgotten anyone. If so please write a letter to my lawyer and hell see what he can do. Dear friends, every soul should live its life with truth, dignity, compassion, charisma, practicality and sound judgment. I hope you will too. May God bless you all.

-Syed Wamiq Javed

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