To Kashif Merchant I leave admissions to all the IV League universities cuz he deserves all of them. Also, I leave all my branded shirts and trousers. Oh and not to mention a potful of memories.

To Ali Akbar Causer I leave all my gossip, all my secrets and practically everything of mine. Its all yours dude!

To Umer Habib I leave my SEGA and all my superb Mortal Kombat II skills. Also, all the fusion music I make in the future is his.

To Ammar Chinoy I leave a box of valiums to calm down when he gets hyper! Hehe. Also I leave a tune composed for him and somebody very special to him. (Ill be with you whenever you need me.)

To Zarsheesh Divecha I leave my video collection and each and every moment of my life that I didnt manage to share with him.

To Farah Ahed I leave a book on How to stay awake , a life jacket in case her water bed leaks, and a truck load of memories.

To Ibaad Lari and Sana Parekh I leave my vacuuming skills (hehe)! Oh and Ibaad you shall have a lifetime supply of fruit gums. And Sana Parekh you shall have a cassette with your favorite song bachpan ki mohabat.

To Farwah Gheewala I leave all my art materials.

To Sana Irshad I leave all the comfort and support that I can offer. Oh and I also leave you my boxer shorts! Hehe

To Sarah Jafri I leave a tabla piece composed solely for her and all the cheap chichora Indian songs that one could possibly think of.

To Danish Dada and Laleh Habib I leave a sketch of the two of them. Also, for Laleh I leave my tabla tuning services for her tablas and for Danish Dada I leave a contract signed with Polygram and Sony records for the release of his first solo guitar album.

To Bilal Bawany, Yasser Baghpati and Zeeshan Amir Ali I leave my ability to irritate Mr. Akhtar. Oh and Bilal you shall have a free balldate service at your disposal!

To Mustafa Shahbazkar I leave my CD, Kaash, and a tutorial CD on how to sing when not alone!

To Ahmed Zakaria I leave a manual on how to drive safely with a special chapter on how not to expect a standing truck to move when you are about to collide with it at a speed of 60 Km/h.

Cindy Lee, you shall have all my Kung fu fighting techniques and tattooing skills. Oh and a lead role in the sequel to Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon!

To Bariza Umar I leave a finished portrait, an unfinished portrait, a private recording of two of my performances and if there is any album that I do release (hopefully) then the first copy is hers.

To Afaan Naqvi I leave the MAD game which we played in Kindergarten, a copy of the film A never ending story and a set of tablas in case he turns to eastern music.

To Ahmed Yousuf and Zohra Omar I leave the Eastern Music Society with the hope that they will keep it alive and make arrangement for it to stay on after they leave.

To Zainab Kapadia I leave a tabla piece composed for her and a clone of my hands so that she practice her hand reading on them and inform me of any new discoveries in my destiny.

To Insiya Haji I leave a portrait of hers.

To Farooq Khan I leave my ability to get distracted from anything.

To Ms. Shumaila Jamal I leave a time machine (so that you can go back to that time which you miss so much. Oh and Ill add a plane ticket to Lahore as a bonus!)

To Mr. Iftikhar Zaidi I leave 5000 teacher recommendation forms to be filled as soon as possible! Ok Im Kidding! But I would like to leave you a chance to write, produce and direct your very own motion picture cuz I know Itll be great!

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