To Adnan Qadri, I leave all the 1st year memories of all of us together, your chess society, me always beating you at chess, our free math classes together and the card games we played, your answers for all my questions, your kanjoos memon nature, your candle stand(which will always remain safe with me),the long phone calls which i always enjoyed, your jokes over everything and your resolution about laughing with people, your indifference about bags and your knowledge about everything else, your 1500 in SAT, your helping me out in a lot of stuff,our mutual love for friends, our differences over everything else, your never saying a nice thing about me(except at the ball), and finally everything which I cannot mention here. Two years at kgs became a lot of fun with you around. You always gave me the right advice which helped me a lot during all the time. Thanks for being my buddy and I hope that university of Arizona is a lot of fun and that you find someone to iron your clothes. I hope you keep in touch and not just run away to states with your new wardrobe and forget about everyone back here. Thanks for everything.

To Errol Roy, I leave all the millions of times we spent in accounts and general, and sometimes bm combined classes...discussing things and some people,and the thousands of millions of telephone conversations(after school ended), and the advises which I gave u and the ones which u gave me when some things happened, the 14th of june(the so-called special day)..and the 22nd(the last day of exams),and the millions of accounts and bm problems, the general the 1st year(the fun times),and in 2nd year(the highly boring times),and the C's which we ended up getting every time. Thx for everything. You were my best friend in my worst times.

To Sarah Yakoob, I leave all the conversations on the paper in the general classes, the ads that zaidi acted out, your nestle juice,my coke mania, the library times with my walk-man and "pyaar bina", your library friend and mariam's first-year friend, the endless laughing session outside the library one day, the millions of telephone calls discussing the various plans, your ditching us most of the time, the amazing shopping excursions to every place in karachi,Ifti-bhai, Huma's chicky meal lamp with our signatures,the shoe picture, the drawings in the skool pc, your two sweet little cousins, and your other cousin(ahem ahem) and your big sweet family. You've made my life at kgs really nice. Thanx for being there.

To Tariq Shaikh,I leave all the things we've shared, all the registration classes,the problems in 1st year and a very grave one in 2nd year, the cute dog on my bday, the great time discussing people on the phone and on chat for long hours and all the good times we have shared in the past 2 years.You are the best bro anyone can ever have. Thx for being a great buddy. Better keep in touch.

To Madiha Habib, I leave all the shopping trips we ever made,all the plans that got cancelled, the food at CK,arizona grill and nandos,all the Dhanani classes which you could never attend,the friendship rings, all the breaks in school, your daily coffee dose, Sarah's ditching us most of the time, the salad and stake at arizona grill, your impressive way of putting the salad in the plate,bugging Sarah most of the time, your famous camera and the thousands of pictures taken with it, your big and my lousy car, and all the fun times we have had together and I know there are loads. I hope you keep in touch even when I'm gone.

To Mariyah Arif, I leave all the accounts classes, all the problems rite from the beginning of 1st year to the alevels ,your and my crushes, accounts tuition which was everything except accounts, your favourite Saad Dada, the 1st year ball scene, your tweety box and our future in lahore together. You have been a great friend to me and I hope we remain the same way at lums too since we are going to be roommates after all. I hope we have a good time there. Thanks for sticking by me every time I needed the support.

To Fahd Jafri, I leave all the general class memories with our presentations and crappy essays, your experiences which you shared with me and I understood them a little later, our free classes together and your bunking your math class to come play cards in our class and your weird sense of style. I'm glad you thought of me as a good friend and shared your problems with me. I hope we have a nice time at lums, free of all the bad stuff.

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