I, Zahra Haider, (in her sane mind, for once), hereby leave to the following people (in no particular order of importance)..

Abba: Thanku for everythingfor always being there. Youre the only person who could put up with a headstrong deviant like me.and deal with me patiently!! I leave u all the apologies in the world for being such an annoying daughter! (sorry dad!)..ok I wasnt soo bad na! J Love you

Apa: Ur the best granny in the whole wide world! Can I have some more ice-cream now please? Hehe.. Thankyou for always always being there, supporting me and taking my sideeven when I was wrong! I love u Gran!!

Ali: The bestest bro ever!! Even though yourre 11 u act like my daddy kid!! And u probably know me better than I know myself! (not to mention all my secrets and stuff!! It better stay that way acha!!). thanx champ. J I hope u get to see the Formula 0ne live one day, and become the best cricketer ever!

Mummy and Mickey: ma sorry sorry sorryI promise to behave myself in college ok?? Just chiiiiillllllI leave u lots of sleeping pills to help u sleep and not think of watt all ill be upto in college! (kidding). And Mickey!! I leave u all the sisterly advice on how not to flirt with girls at the age of 12!! u have ur whole life ahead of u kiddo.chill!! and ofcourse lots of pepsi and chocolate! Start studying!!

Myself: food, food and more food!, the privilege of having 2 sister-like best friends (the "U" & "N" of the Z-U-N), and a hair straightener.

Taimur Hassan: (a.k.a BHAI) One helluva long (not to mention kick ass) friendship! Dont know where to beginI guess there WAS no beginning as such point is.. youre one of the few ppl. I trust and can always count on (as opposed to others who keep KLPDn me). Ok bitch. Enuff flattery!! I leave u a quick hair fix spray for all those ahem, empty spots on your head! Hehe.. dont worry the brain cells make up 4 it.. the stuff u taught me..(shit it worked!!), your borrowed urdu galis, obsession with Friends, original underground unheard of music, summers in London.. all my hot chic friends that u made me bring to your house (ok ok.. RELAXIm kiddin), drives in your car, the way I constantly pestered U abt. Everything possible under the sky (and u actually listenened and bore with it!) thanx!! garam jalaibis your friends (some of which I wouldnt mind getting to know better! Hehe..JOKE!!)..Leicester Square all the times I showed up latesorry! A phone card so u can call my cell! All the phone convos, 5 bachees in ALL parts of the worldu bitch on heat. A one day diet plan so I never hafta hear u whine abt. Ur weight again! UR NOT FAT!! (but todays everything opposite day) hehe!! Plans plans plans..and o yea.. more planstoo many to mention! My neverending list of crushes which I perpetually nagged u abt,! NOT that u ever helped me get any of them! (ok..guess I cant blame u 4 that one!J ), Ill go on 4ever..hope u get laid before 20 dood. I really do! ..the movie Captain correlis.and ofcoursewe got unfinished business ;) ..all the way to Reno.see u at JP Morgans (NOT to be confused with the store on oxford st.) bhai hip hop karay ga!

Uzma Lodhi: (a.k.a KHAMBI).A friendship which goes back to the days we were in (excuse the lang.) chaddies We go back the longest way..from my puppet show B-days, to our 18th B-day dinner we co-hosted, the nightspend on Badban *wink* , cheese sandwiches with tobasco, to Red Apple, drives in your car, not to mention your 'amazing' taste in music (note: use of sarcasm)- I leave you an endless amount of my selections, all my 'hot' clothes (u wish u could fit into! heh ) trips to Snoopy, 5 min. drives to nowhere, the night I unsuccessfully tried to sneak out, a gun to shoot Akhlaq, a guy..(which your highness might like), the 'Khambi Khambi' song, the infamous backdoor entrance to my house, blow dries, wax, hair gel, and my eternal gratitude to you for always being there for me...& listening to all my BS. Z-U-N all the way! Khambi ur the daddy man!!

Nadia Sharif: memories of 2 unbelievable years...I leave U a lifetime's supply of Tahir's food (Chinese), presidency of the "Egg" club, Muree trip "incidents" the time at the beach u just went 'too far!'my mom's BESTEST wishes!(wink), innumerable trips to Shabbirabad, 'Nachange', the part of me U envy most (guess), the TOEFL trip to LHR (which never happened), drives with Khambi all over Khi, the 'wild' nightspends, my 'sensible' advice on phonecalls from Quetta and Lhr, the Z-U-N alliance! (haha), chilli chips,(Aghas or Paradise?), our 'thieving inceidents', a paper cutter (use at Billboard please), our neverending phadda tendencies, lifetime's supply of 'chaddis' (kindly use please), Sind Club gala (yes u looked hot!happy?), and all the times at parties u were dressed to kill!, a date for all the balls we went to..*ahem* ,my driving skills, (I refer to a specific incident which nearly killed us),the double date plans hehe, NANOS HOUSE, Raza the invalid jokes, beds, a lamp,my sophisticated social mannerisms (as opposed to your crude habits of burping,farting in public etc. ),chicken rolls, Aicha, 'natural pics', Mideast!,Carlton I leave u all my secrets, and hair-dye (ya get rid of the red) and all my love...to the one irreplaceable friend :) ..just never stop burping publically ok?? you're the best! don't foget the valium!

Jay Haq: Our 'study sessions' which never worked out...what would I do in Socio & Lit classes without U! Thanx for all that sensible advice...it really helped! and for listening to all my crap...but oi...Eliot rocks ok!! (yes, and so does my taste in music...hehe). Sorry for the perpetual nagging about your certain 'friend'....I leave U 'Eyes' (that poem was wicked), drives with all the randoms.....memories of'chilling' in your room...the park....IRC, drives with Tim, phone convos, Mc Don's 'study sessions', & all the excess weight on my body!...the stoner key chain, (and dont lose that ring!!)

Basharat Ali Durrani: An icq msg that started it all! a house near the Bilawal that changed it all. MSN !! Mathfor monthspointless. But then again, def. worth itfrom Abid gay jokes, to taking ninjas, bugging pole, (remember the lie we all pulled on him abt. That certain girl!) poor guy Balls!! (the winter one, the make-up one, and then ofcoursethe prom and all the events prior to it 23 march.The time at TGIF we had to share that!( and I know how much u LOVE sharing food!) Plans we kept makingmost of which never worked out! Those that actually DID work out.. drivesyour wreckless drivingthat cursed car of yours!! (as much as I love it! ) ,selections, Gelato, Carlton,Point,chocolate, a DIET Pepsi, your black shalwar kameezez, the cursed Mehendi, the hangout spot at Taimurs, a cell phone for u to get fixed!! a present for my little friend, all my phrases ( specially the urdu ones) ! all those pommisses, teri soch, inni wi bholi assalamolaikum,ch---- upar ya neechay??Good. Im glad, Letters (ya ya I know im aweful at writing them! But hey..atleast I try!!),I leave u my innocence,and my patience voulez-vous and its other version! , kinnay kuttay,nano!! (enuff said!),Raza the invalid..and that nite.., the couch, a bitch, (to replace tootsie), someone to do your packing! , a Ferrari, (whoz gonna be the 1st one to sit in that?)the thong song.numerous tickets from NY to London,and an island. Bash, despite all the ups and downs its been amazingjust want u know ..ur the bestest. Ill be there for u.awwayssee you in Vegas!

Sana Gangat: Too much to say...Class 5 to As....I'll never forget the tears streaming down your cheeks while packing for London....your B-day parties....(the food was yummy!!), and mine....remember the East/West? we've been through the good ol' CJM days eh?...The London days.....(trip to Cambridge...)...to the KGS days.....here's to loads more....you're the best man! (u remember the one very very embarrassing thing we once did in grade 7?)

Shezeen Qutub: To one of the few people I learned to trust...I leave U all our gossip sessions (which got us bollocked), my secret to losing weight in 2 days (& putting it all back on the next...), tactics of applying liner, a pencil collection, memories of Hist/Lit classes (ya ya..we survived them..), last min. phone sessions before exams, and all the scandals we landed into...., sind club plansmy love for squash, an inam, and a musti, (teri soch hi hai!),my food buddy,to 'Shez the man'...I have one word to say...R-YA! I love u dood!! Seriously I donow just dont KLPD me!

Naima Kazmi: From phaddas in FY to the 'Ban than mujra' ....we've come a long way. Nightspends, Tandoori Hut,the movie we made at my house, Mrs. Masood(chaaaameeeleon)....all the maila pun in the world!! Our A in Lit! we did it! O yea!! J it was great getting to know U...see U at boat basin!

Ali Akbar Causer: 2 yrs. of a great friendship...memories of our drives in Kawwa's car..the time at Sea View we got stuck alone...(where were the others?), Carlton, (Rs. 400 so U can actually 'sit' there), Gelato cold coffee, my Study(mein sab dekh rahee thee..), that guest room, *wink*. I leave U the privelege of once being (hmmm..... last year recollections??..) my strength, and my 'sense of humour',nanos house! .....I also leave U som1 v.close to me! *wink* .Thanx for being a pal...

Nimr Majid: R-BYA! I mean...JUST F-****, the waiter at Wagamama (who had the hots for U..),all my Brit. Chic friends U cant get enuff of....tanning lotion....lessons on how to look after shades, designer clothes (u just lurrrve), starbucks coffee. my amazing dance moves!, my words and phrases U drool over....and adopt!.....nimr majioall I hafta say is..U2 kicks Micheal Js ass any day! So deal with it!!

Sunaina Tayyab: Planning the concert, history/socio classes...we survived it all in the end didnt we?...I leave U my willpower of managing to study 0.1% of our entire syllabus 2 hrs. before our A-Level exams, memories of all the last min. cram sessions we pulled off....(the one before Socio at Alyzeh's house was unreal!),long 'lectures' I gave u on the phone...to the one I got (remember the driving incident?)....the infamous driving 'expedition'......to the bunking we did.....in school...and the time U ppl. came over....dance practises....there's soo much...Thanx for being such an amazing friend man..

Sonya Jamil: I leave U a lifetime's supply of Pepsi, (if Mickey doesn't beat U to it), my pink top, 'Akyon se goli', recordings of all the scandalous stuff u said on the nightspends at my house..(when U thought noone was listening), notes in Lit. classes, gossipping in the alcove, my incredibly perverted sense of humour 'YO', food at Sind Club & swimming sessions, u go 'Independant Woman!'.dont 4get the UNcensored movie I still possess!!

Sila Ismael: My bunking buddy...remember the laughing fit?, alcove 'bonding', London...the guy at Rendez-vous cafe..I leave U my 'legs' & all the hot women in the world. Sind Club..to 'chai' at my house..Whiteleys trips, sandwiches at Gelato..nachos, my enthusiasm for being in every pic (as opposed to yours), my confidence, my roof.....Sila...you're a 'sexay' girl...just return my calls ok..!! :)

S.M Raza: the old times we shared, all the urdu galis in the world! Chat convosgreedyfly days.my certain crush who u wanted to kill! And all my other weekly crushes! Thanx 4 all the help dood! It paid off!! . J, I leave u a pimp .hahahah (kidding).and ofcourse SAM AND PAM!

Afaan Naqvi: Jamming with U was wicked...U 'Boffin'..I leave U the privelege of knowing one of the funniest people U'll ever meet...(face it), the trip to Nadya's tailor and Baloch...the linger-ee shop! (how funny was that?).....you're an amazing person....but U already knew that! ..so just STOP THE ROCK! thanx 4 sharing my most hysterical moments ever with me!!

Sadiq Ali Haji: Mideast, golf club sandwiches, the zippo, pills, phone convos, shawarma at Leicester Square, ice-skating, the time U punctured the car while attempting a 'pin', '2 times' and'King of my castle', 'El arbi', memories of the ACJ 356, innumerable plans we made...(remember the dinner at Boat Club),I swear Muji was following us! the time I came to your house (enough said), My A in English Language..(sorry, what did U get again?),..I leave U 'fair and lovely' my dentists number..(yes....get rid of those braces)....and a book on 101 ways to get a chick...Good Luck! dont go mad at USC!!

Danish Dada: Pizza Pomodoro..'Aicha', Breakfast @ Tiff., Leiceister Square..the Muree trip,Lina, jam sessions...our play practises...(those boxers were just sooo !!)......I leave U a guitar string.....! See U in London dood!!

Ammar Chinoy: a trip to mideast..

Ninja: (a.k.a Maryam GOLUK). U!! abid lover!! Hahaha I leave u abid abid and more of abid! All the mazzak jokes in the world possiblehijabwali, and u kanjoos.. u never even took me to MR. BURGER! Now ill hafta bash u up!!

Jawad Sharif: boat club nite! Making those dinner plansa zip to keep your big mouth shut (ref. To a specific v. embarrassing incident!), our mutual perversity, a squash match victory for a change,a neverending list of songs (my amazing taste in music),Britney Spears, and a dinner u owe me at fuji J

Mani: U!! my GOD.those chat convos(I DID NOT LIE about my identity contrary to your misconceptions)and never claimed I was going out with u know who. Idiot!! all the times u tried to diss meaur gaindibharway I 4give u! good luck man see u in London! (and ofcourse ill be coming there!!)

Sara Moon, Saman A, Anuscha, Laleh, Shaan: Memories of one of the most amazing trips well ever have.Muree!!, PC, the coach, the rape incident, stink bombs!it was wicked! In the true sense of the word! remember my OBLIX sized suitcase!!!

Yousuf Kerai: I leave U all the advice I can...along with the honour of being one of the few people who've affected me (for the better)....the person who 'discovered' my musical 'talents'..'Aicha'.. 'Halka Halka' and ofcourse....Nur Jahan...Thanx sooo much for everything...ur one person who actually helped me out! Our band was slick!!! :)

Pissu: Beauty and brains.

Mohd. Usman Yousuf: LOGS!! Enuff said.

To everyone I can't include (cuz Im exceeding my word limit big time)....thanx for everything....to everyone I want to exclude....I forgive U for being pricks.... here's a one-way ticket to where U belong..

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