I Zain Mumtaz more so known as Buppy ( don't ask why) hereby bequeath the following to the people who made a difference in my 18 years in grammar school:

To Sameer: I leave behind my entire playboy collection to satisfy his vile desires. A blank cheque, which would get him the nose job and a speech therapist, which he so desperately needs. Egging, Sabir, relationships, tennis, Tekken, herbs, tons of it!, and the hunting trip. I also leave behind Jane Fonda's exercise videos for you to get out of your laziness. A guide to "Ultimate Spirituality" and "5 steps to be the ultimate socialite" Memories of a certain friend and are great times together. Sameul, porny, there isn't a thing I haven't shared with you( with some exceptions, thank God for that)..so I leave you a lifetime of precious memories which I doubt I will ever forget even if I wanted to!

To Mani: I leave behind 1001 jokes. The laughs and video games, which we both never grew out of. A guide on "how to lose weight without exercising". The Streeton house captain gown which you deserved and a medal for flirting with every good looking chink oops, ahh..girl by being their best friend. Our crushes and the games period which went staring at a certain cutie.

To Saif: I leave behind the intellectual side of my brain which would clear any questions which you might have. Also I leave behind a collection of all the pseudo books I've ever read and the ability to identify right from wrong. I wish you all the best in making your millions and hope to see you partying in the right places. Needless to say I leave to you the grass that will cover the field.

To Sana: I leave the art class and all the people in it. Ambers or was it ambreen's art tuitions and all the help with all the females. Thank you for everything and I wish you all the best.

To Ayesha: I leave behind an incredible friendship, and the years we spent together. Sajjad's tuitions and almost everything in my childhood.

To Faraz: My great ability of bunking Physics classes.

To Ali: Crushes in junior school and my great artistic talents.

To all my friends who didn't make it back to school, I leave the memories we shared and the o-level years.

To all my teachers: the satisfaction of grooming me.

Lastly to my Dear Sam: I leave to you everythingI'm sorry I cant say much here but you know already.

To all the people I know I've missed out, I'm sorry, but without all of you my experience at Grammar School wouldn't have been complete.

I depart loving my friends, not hating my enemies and detesting politics

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