I AmmAr Chinoy, having spent more time editing everyone elses will rather than my own, bequeath the following to the following:

1. Osman- Atheist, Christian, Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist, and Homosexual friends. An increase in the male/female ratio at G-Tech. Z's (uzelezz). Phone conversations and study comparisons. Mother Teresa. Endless religious arguments (u know you're wrong!) Shahida. Shoulders. Sunez. Your Nani. St. Pats. Another punch in the balls. Sunni/Shia wrestling matches. A book on pronunciation. Chips Ahoy. Stealing logs. Mud-balls. A relationship. Abusing is soo cool. A larger p*nis! (Youll need it in college.) STNs. Cricket. Casino. Hoe Hoe! The Lahore/Muree trip. Keanu Reeves. DAMN good friends anda longer finger! (Youll need that in college too!) Heres hoping you get laid!

2. Akbar- STNs since we were 3. Boat Boat. The Turtle Club. Casino. Safiyas Doodh. Incest. The same subjects and tutions as me. Facial hair. A redder face. Taking Buddhas. Taking Habbans. Stealing logs. Cricket plans, mud-ball fights. A girlfriend that doesnt smell. GYLC. The ability to speak slowly. A portable bathroom. Our studying comparisons. Chips Ahoy. Burhani Soup. STNs at the mosque playing abuse-abuse. My Midnight Crap. Nadia . Drums. 16 years of friendship and more to come.

3. Rishad- Budddy! A smaller ego. A bigger head. Radiohead. A waterbed. The choot conference.(literally!) GORAN! Prayer breaks. PULSE. Julia Stiles (dream on!) Two guys a girl and a pizza place! 130 Km per hour. Driving lessons. An afro. Imitation of Laugh. Dark ages. A childhood you can look back on. Dawood (David). New York.New York! Pixels. Bottom, 2 fingers, back-up and study phone conversations and finally Bi-sexuality!!!!. Screw like a rabbit in Columbiaand Good Luck Yaar!( Zamin-style.)

4. Danish- Hair! (Trust me) Sunblock. A folder full of guitar tabs. De-pixelating pulse pics. A sense of humour. Akhtar "a great!" Yaaaahhhh! Bio Classes. Daaadh! Dope in my bathroom. Mash-Allah; Martial-Law. Study sessions, Jam sessions (all both of them!) Denial. Plans to build a website someday. Bottom. Staying up all nite at Rishads. Happy Mo, The Ground and Gabbana. Petrol-Bombs. An electric guitar. Belgian Porn. And the worlds fastest record for getting into a car!

5. Jawad- Girls, Girls and more girls. Cricket plans at yours and Habbans house. Camp and Mud-ball fights, cheap traps that never work. FUN.exe and Blue Bayou. Chancoing on every other girl. "It must have been love". STNs. Catch-phrases that never caught on (Balls, son-of-a, are you crazzzy, are you ch**t) Hooka. Check to the checker and dooey-dooey. The shitbox and a messed-up carpool. Your cousins who own everything and know everyone.

6. Sadiq- ACJ-356. Driving skills (youre the best.) A goofer. A woofer. The best deck money can buy. A 90 thousand Rupee massage chair. TH Plans. The Lahore/TOEFL trip, Uncle Sam. Your noodle pillow. Pinning at DP. A better dentist. Mr. BUM. "Hope". Khurram. MashAllah.Talking absolute crap, as if your dad invented the d**k And a pack of fagsUSC.

7. Alto- A new car for each day of the week. A new house for each month of the year and a duck! USC!

8. Hasan- TC! Club-De plans. Staying up all nite at Rishads. Arguing for the sake of arguingand all the drugs youll ever need.

9. Umer. H- An apology. A best friend for life. All the phone conversations we once had. The confessions, confiding etc. STNsyour house, mud-balls, camp, cricket. Stealing your logs. Stella. Chocolate straight up. Lady-X. A Cache full of porn. An upgrade to a 486! 3 guys in a bed. (shhh!) Keep in touchId hate to lose you!

10. Sania- The best ball Ive had, your hair-do that nite. Death to all Smileys. A burger. (Hold the onions and pickles.) Eco Classes. People thinking we have something "going on". Dancing at parties, hanging at Rishads. Two guys a girl and a pizza place. An Un-gay selection of music. Driving lessons; how to avoid pavements. Math study sessions. Laughing at anything and everything (esp. Rishad). Food hang-ups. Calamari. Soap. Making Puke. Lucid Notes. Stupid bets (that I WILL win!). Chat khwaarness. An Integra less a silencer. Your multi-lingual D. Lesbianic Instincts and rainbows (have fun in Holyoke.) And InshAllahmy presence on Speech-day!

11. Saman. M- Sunflowers, hanging out in every break, double-dates?, the beach, getting rid of the sand particle in my eye! Baking a cake, Sarwana, Lahore/TOEFL trip, artistic abilities, a headless chicken, endless 'issues', Imran on the other line, leftover food and frappe` (frappaynot frapee)

12. Farah- Maggie! Face of the year. Nadeem Tutions. Slantys. Chulla, Halwa-Puri, Plans to jump out of school, water-fights, Tanzeems class, the top of the dome, my autograph book(youve had it for 3 months), a back-up on MSNand a brother! Dont go too wild!

13. Maliha- An Ally Mcbeal look-alike, an endless supply of multi-colour beads. The FY Ball, ex-ball date, your YELLOW Dress and my matching (not!) tie. Have fun terrorizing teachers in college!

14. Anuscha- A guy your size, or rather a girl your size. Lesbianic instincts. A normal coloured beach-hut. Arm-wrestling, BONDING with Kiran, and a relationship with Ambrosehave fun at Penn.

15. Samar- A double cheeseburger, a large fries and a DIET coke! All the vegetables/salads you can eat. A Lemon. GYLC. Chiragh-o-fying. Your alternate Bohri gang, and your secret boyfriend. Burhani Soup. A pack of fags, and a bottle of booze.

16. Saman. A- titanic! free dancing lessonsand a book on Satanism.

17. Amina- Kalay Khan, stupidity, and hair!

18. Sara- Eco classes, 80 pounds (not!),

19. Adnan- "Screw you B*stard!" A room with everything in it. Plaster of Paris, a clogged sink and a plumber. A fifteen-course meal, and a playstation without a reset button.

20. Raza- Desserum. 2:15!, Fire-cracker, Locos lunghi, raping Buddha, making stories about him and his family, an eternal connection to the internet and MSN (Only God Knows what you do online!)

21. Imran- Math study sessions, Akthar, double dates, cricket plans at Rishads, a short temper, jo bhi!

22. Malick and Fawad- A Les Paul(I wish I had one too!)

23. Atif Waqar- "What are you doing here ?!?" Youre not supposed to be in my will.

24. Faraz- Chulla King (HahaSorry Ali) All the terms you came up with (Ponchoo, BUMFER, Chancooetc.) New-G Londas. Cricket Plans and an empty wallet.

25. Ali- Sunni/Shia wrestling matches, all the times I beat you up (Akbars, Rishads pool, garden etc.) The TOEFL/Lahore trip, Uncle Samtheres more to come.USC !!!

26. Omar. A- How to play the guitar.OPEN! Four eggs, and a #$%@ brother!

27. Sana. I- Physics classes, balloons, MNA, Rayer, Static, and a box full of pens!

28. Zahra- Valium! `Nuff Said.

29. Nadia- Mideast, phone conferences with Jd, Akbar!, USC !

30. Yousuf- An apology (again), EMS, our Bohri Plans, New Years, The Mosque, a new set of tablas, and a friend if you ever need one!

31. Mariam G- Kenny, Ninja, PSST. Stupid comments. How Rude. All the fights u had with Sadiq, and the time Adnan kicked your ass.

Shoa- St. Pats. Tuitions, 2:15, all night IRC chats, badminton plans, people bugging us (initially), 8, a new revised pyramid of priorities with me on top (finally!), Chip, coke caps, the walk at the beach, math, further math, study sessions, Karachi Club Library, your love for butter, your moms love for me, my moms hatred for you (so you thought!), Zen, Arizona Grill, Flo, that cheap Pakistani movie, my Pearl Jam cassette, the cool dance move (yet to be named!), Panda slippers, button mushrooms, Pokey, a non-designer wardrobe, the ONE-fight we had, 10 calls a day!, my Urdu, froggy eyes, khowsway, an oil massage, my attempt at creativity, 'Lala Fanoos', 'this is my neighborhood'. USC!

To All those who I havent mentioned..its intentional! =P

To All those who wrote short wills and made my life easierThank You.

"This is, this is... My...last exit" -Pearl Jam

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