I, Xainab Kapadia, hereby bequeath to the following:

 Insi: I leave u Kampala. Have fun in the jungles ;) Sarah Mclachlan "Leaving on a Jet plane". And all the MILLIONS of memories that weve got! You know its difficult trying to leave something for the people that have meant the most to you over the years. So I just leave you Kampala and my big brother! :P Enjoy `em both!!

 Sunz: To my Sunshine I leave you with an apology for not remembering every second of my life since I was 2 years old! ;). And I also leave you with all the sunflowers in the world. And Yellow stuff! Im leaving you with all the songs weve sung together and loved. My thanks for always being there for me. All our dreams and future plans theyll come true soon! J

 DK: A lifetime supply of Chicken Biryani! Remember me when youre a millionaire Danish! :P

Cindy: Pepper Spray for Oberlin! 6 million tickets to Karachi so you can always stay in touch! Memories of Lit A levels thanks for all the explanations and all the calming down of overset nerves! And a barrelful of Smiles its Tax-free after all ;)

 Ibaad: I leave with the knowledge that youre the most lovable Asiaphile around! :P I also leave you with all things CHINESE! Ennnjoyy

 Maha: A whole wardrobe of clothes in Papworth BLUE! :P Memories of talks about Gymkhana Guys and BBQ tonight dinners. Lit classes and the notes we passed around. And a promise that we will always stay in touch!

 Abbas: You can share Mahas clothes!! ;) I leave you with the memory of the fight we had on the first day we met. I also bequeath to you the poster of Meera you worked so hard to find at the scavenger hunt! ;) My email address so u can stay in touch! I also leave you with the Papworth house `athletic` cup! :P To prove to the world that Papworth didnt do great just cause it had all the nerds! Haina?

Mobin: A manual titled "True Love and how to make it work!" Please refer to it when Im not around! ;) All the cheap Govinda songs there are and the Cheap chauvinistic jokes that you seem to delight in. In FACT! To one of my most `valuable` friends I leave all the cheap stuff in the world! I also leave you a PERMANENT email address so I know where to mail you!! Lose touch and DIE!

Farah: Share Mobins manual ;) I also leave you with a new phone line! One that WORKS! And I leave you with millions of memories of all those talks weve had Thanks for all the times that youve been there for me I wish youd be my roommate at LUMS but I know youll get into AKU! J

Nida G.: Thanks for being an absolute angel in the O levels. I leave you memories of all those stories and songs u had to listen to!

Arsh: 25 4065 ;) man youve always been around when were up to the most outrageous things!!! I leave you with a NEW DRIVER!!! I also leave you with an unlimited charge account at all the SHOE shops in the world! :P

Afshan: The slogan "Women Rule the World!" I leave you with the knowledge that you are the only SANE person Ive met in a while! Im gonna miss all those talks we hadHave fun in your last year at school! J

Billy: A cellphone! The model Im leaving you is non-borrowable. This one only works for its owner. It cant be seen by the teachers and oh yea did I mention that it floats? Miss me when you use it! ;)

Breeze: Countless memories and an instant TAN! A million cases (which youll win) when youre finally a lawyer! Lots of love! And my best wishes for the future both at Brandies and Perdue! ;)

Charmeen: A magic carpet. It can take you home on Fridays when Im not around to rescue u!

Yousuf: A coin if u ever need to decide between the things you love best toss the coin in the nearest ocean and do both! The world cant afford to be deprived of anything u can give to it! And a promise that I can still be your shrink even when youre a million miles away! :P Oh yea and a reminder WHERES MY PORTRAIT?!?!?

Zarsh: A bag full of Sanity to compensate for all the insanity Ive stolen off you all these years. I also leave you a `Man` so dont grumble about not having one anymore. Immeasurable thanks for all the times youve been there for me. And since youre definitely not loosing touch a big Thankyou for all the times that youll be there for me in the future! :P always remember Lubna loves u! :P

Adnan: I leave you with the memory of the mysterious crank caller ;) And a Sherlock Holmes detective set!

Fahd: I leave you a mask... one that hides feelings not faces ;) Memories of the van too many to count! My apologies for the number of times I have bugged u! A book called "101 different ways to shave your eyebrows" Memories of Emails and all those msn talks. Seeya at LUMS J

J B: To my favourite Axe Murderer I leave to you a brand new shiny sharp edged silver Axe. Enjoy using it! :P Memories of Shameem Azams math tuitions and my email address!

Kashif: An unlimited Phone Card!! :P And a big THANKYOU for the number of times youve been angel when Ive been stranded!

Moby: I leave you with IRIS and memories of Eco class!

Areeba: Memories of being childhood friends even though weve drifted apart over the years Ill never forget the time when we were best friends. And Russy, the one dog I wasnt scared of! Stay in touch and dont be a stranger!

To the guy who really deserved the RED gown: Youre wearing it! J Youve been a brilliant head boy Saad. I leave you with the memories of all the arguments weve hadAnd all the good times too ofcourse! Dont lose touch.

To KGS: A big "Thank you" for making me what I am today. Youve been an integral part of my life and Im terrified of the thought that I have to move on! These years of my life have been extremely precious to me and Ill miss them!

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