IFTI ,iftus,HOT LIPS!! 2 u I leave our millions o history studying sessions,breakfast, Deja-vu,pockets,MY damn mobile,untouchables,quack-quack,I want to go THERE! Messes that u make,the beach,the underworls(shhhh) the ballafter the ball,ur roof. The list is never ending but I want to stop and say that in u I found hope again and a wonderful bestfriend.Thanku for always being therealways lisseningalways taking care of me and cheering me up ..luv u loads hottie! And as for memories there are many more to come after all dara and kasavuvu(wink)

AFAAN Dude ure the bomb! Thanx for always being there for me in everyway possible. All ure advice, support, lectures. I dont know what I wouldve done without you. I leave you the award for being the most unhygienic shit in the world! Mcdonalds, all the movies at my place, especially the ones with dogs barking and blacks in pink. All the chulla ifti you and me have done! Stop the rock, why does your watch say 1:15 ?? your damn shoe. Its been a blast and well continue in college. Love you .. until then take care.

OJ Firstly you checked me out four years ago. Secondly IM NOT A MAN! Im glad we became such good friends, sorry for monopolizing iftus. This is not good bye from anywhere, well stay as close. Have a blast at college and I know youll succeed in every aspect of life. And oj "why are you like this???" And I know youll miss my touch (wink)

AALYA Babes I leave you urdu classes with our bonding notes sessions. Chilling at my house, "spend the nights" love story, the beach and so much more. Youve been a great friend thanks for everything and keep in touch.

ASAD General class and all our free periods together. Youve been a great friend, hope to see you soon and I dont plan to lose touch(youre too hot for that) take care.

ASFI "ikuikuikuliuoiu" thats what you sounded like top me for a long time. I think youre an amazing person with an amazing walk (wink) not to mention the guy with the great party house. take care and keep in touch.

BALUCHI BUGGER I leave you pizza hut kids hide out, the KAS carnival your cheap cheesy lines, attempts to commit suicide. "always." Through years of knowing you its been a trip being your buddy and I wouldnt change a thing. I know come college or any other possessive "friends" well stay just as close.

QJ and KAALIA No goodbye here and see you in Canada, though Karachi has been the bomb.

LALEH You know I want you see you in Canada.

DANISH AJ look alike, I leave you mallteasers and I promise to visit you in London.

SARAH J Summer of 2000, the mediators. Take care sexy and keep in touch.

NIDA HANIF Thankyou for all youre moral help and support. I wouldve seriously failed without you take care and best of wishes in life.

ALIZEH I leave you our long phone conversations, STNs and all our chulla. See you n U of T babes.

ZARA SHAHEEN Urdu and literature studying sessions, the first year ball, tuitions. Its been great knowing you. Take care sexy.

SAIF Coolio. Youve made life irritating and entertaining. Remember our fight? Anyway.. you pseudo.. enjoy life and never change.

And for the ppl who ive known all my life and have always been an integral part of my life.

AMINA Babes youve been my best friend for years and I know well stay this way for years 2 come. Youre the bomb and I love I leave you all our bonding sessions, parties, London, chai at your place, fries at mine. Our abrupt and comfy phone conversations which no one understands! And all the cickters of the world! No fear of losing touch here!

HESSAM "A friend is someone between whom a silence is comfortable." Come whatever problems, im confident about the fact that Ill never lose you and I hope you know that youll never lose me either. Im always there for you chimp.

JUV Cuz dear this isnt gbye its simply a formality! See u in U.Of T

SHERRY AND SARAH You guys have been my friends for time immorial! I luv u guys and cherish all our crazy memories!

SAMAR Babesss! Ur my other half and our serious relationship

Which no one gets! Dicky9pk ! ahahahha Im glad we had our differencescuz we become closer!thanks for always being there for me see u in Montreal!luv u always babes!

ZAYD My ______ bro!(wink) I intend to see u in college ! u still o me a dance and we have another deal!(wink)

CHUMRA Ive known you for 2 years and it feels like ive known you 4ever. I leave you all the parties, the chulla and a hair dryer.

NIDA Model, my agent! Im so glad weve become close again, all the bonding sessions at my place, fries "cute ass". Youve proven the phase "old is gold" to be true.

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