Sila Ismail: President of the Global deaf people organization. It was a job which didnt involve much speaking.

Danish Dada: Incharge of the "C.T.S" project at NASA (c.t.s = cover the sun )

LALEH: this young lady is unfortunately still at the beach, under the stars.

Faraz Hasan: Is still blowing patakhas outside kgs,but is enrolled in the pakistan army (explosives division)

Rishad: Rishad ahmed is a dedicated young man and is very committed to his job. He is thoroughly enjoying his job as the C-E-O of "Hooters"

Bariza: Bareeza is an Animal rights activist in America. She also started a educational institute called "1 out of 10"

JAY: Wooster


Maliha: Makes friendship bands, started her own company called "talk to the hand honey"

Mani: Mani is happily married to Sushmita sen and has started his own comedy show called "OOooHHH"

Akbar: Akbar got a speech therapist when he was at Penn He is still undergoing intense therapy.

Behramjee: Bam is currently defending his world wrestling federation title against THe ROck. His finishing move his signaled by a cute hissing laugh like this "tssss".

Yousef Kerai: this young man started crying at the age of 18 and never stopped. If you wish to meet him he will be at the "I TELL ON MY FRIENDS" ward at aga khan.

Saman Amin: Saman converted to Christianity at the age of 22. She could not control her dancing or her weird philosophies, thus converted.

Amina Ansari: Amina is still missing her old group and wishes that they go out more often.

Marium Gokal: Mariam was arrested in Italy after she told the pope how "rude" he was.

Buddha: In 2002 Osman genetically modified his index fingers and made them 10 inches longer. We still do not know why. He is currently is Korea.

JD: Because of intense pressure from his father, Javad became a mullah and began preaching islam. His unorthodox method of saying "SUKHBIR" after every verse was very popular.

Nimr: Nimr went straight to Hollywood and is now staring in Planet of the apes 2: ATTACK OF THE WHITE APES.

Zahra Haider: Z-U-N the co-operation is still thriving. It now consists of 3 People oops it always was only 3 people. (KIDDING)

Pissu: Pissu followed kishore kumar into the music industry. His latest single "HAAN BOL" is currently doing very well.

Raza and Myla: Both are married. Myla is currently vice president of a construction company in texas, while raza looks after the children "Ryla and Maza"

Imran: Famous for his double century against Bangladesh, this young cricketer has reached super stardom.

Meruani: Suprisingly, Meruani left kgs and started the Pakistani mafia and is currently wanted in all 4 states. His friends call him Don Meruaniole.

Buppi: Zain began an organization dedicated to world peace and against all things which are "nasty".

Saif: Saif still has not attended college because he "has things to do"

Mobin: Mobin claimed to be the great white ninja. For some reason no one believed him.

Humaid: Is Now Sheikh Humaid, and unfortunately is still on msn with some weird nickname.

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