I am Jack's Grammarian Experience

Where are my gray shorts? Bata shoes. Back to school. Get a tennis ball with every canvas shoe. Thats what they said on STN. Lahore. Murree. Quetta. Pindi. Nursery, prep and Mrs. Jafferys boat. Three, four and Mrs. Fernandes (the goat). Why is the choir forgetting its lines? Why is the choir oh so loverly sitting absoloominootly still? Frere Napier Streeton. Fear Napier, Streeton. I can make this French beard grow. Were going to last forever. It didnt last forever. It didnt last forever. Where is my forever? In the name of freedom you drifted away to see the sun rise on someone elses day. Sorry, that was Bono, not me. Pseudo Pseudo soodo so do you want to go out? Who are your friends? Which group are you part of? Are you a nerd? Are you a stoner? Are you a new G? Or are you normal like the rest of us? Who is us? What made you part of us? Shes such a slut. I hate her for doing what I cant do. Ill fuck around but Ill only marry a virgin. Izzat ki baat hai. Izzat ki baat hai. How do you spell hypocrisy? They cant cancel the wills. I must have my legacy. I need my name in print. I was of some significance. My therapist says that we are all significant in some way, even if we blend into the background where no one can see us. Where no one can see us. No one can see us. Why cant I be seen? Why do they always get the attention? I want my share of the limelight. I want to becool tobecooltobecooltobecoolcoooool Im leaving on a jet plane, dont know when Ill be back again. Karachi, London. New York. Los Angeles. Whats the scene like in L.A yaar? Dude, NYC is like the place to be. Students vs. Teachers. Teachers vs. Students. Bring down the government. They dont, they dont speak for us. Spray paint the walls; show them how mature we are. Were leaving, were leaving. Boohoohoo. Who will blow up patakhas after were gone? What will happen to my memories? Should I pack my gray shorts? Why isnt Khalid at the canteen? Wheres Jaan Mohammed? Teddy bear? Gulfaraz? They broke down the love wall. They tore down the music hall. They took away my shed. They took away my shed. What memories are left that havent been taken? Lead me through the sterile corridors. They all look the same. It was supposed to last forever.