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July 6, 2005
After four years of waiting, EXIT has finally been updated. College is over (for the most of us) and we face yet another transition. I figured I'd update the site to reflect that. And also the fact that I'm bored out of my mind waiting for the 'real' world to begin (five more days). Over the past four years this site has received over three thousand hits, thats about two-and-a-half people per day on average. Not too bad. Anyways, here it is... All the wills with their original text (same old shit, brand new package). Just another excuse to relive your past. In retrospect, I'm glad they cancelled the Pulse. People lose paper copies. This site will be around forever. More updates in another four years (maybe). -ammar

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10 years from now...

Aalya Gheewala
Abbas Rizwi
Afaan Naqvi
Akbar Causer
Alizeh Raza
Ambereen Siddiqui
Amin Sakhia
AmmAr Chinoy
Anab Jafri
Anuscha Ahmed
Asad Basir
Asif Pesnani
Atif Waqar Butt
Ayesha Sarfaraz
Azim Meruani
Bariza Umar
Behramjee Ghadially
Cindy Lee
Danish Elahi
Errol Roy
Faiza Haq
Farah Salahuddin
Faraz Hasan
Faris Khan
Fawad Ahmed
Fawad Sikandar
Hadia Majid
Hani Yousuf
Hira Arshad
Humaid Abdul Aziz
Ibaad Lari
Iftikar Raisuddin
Insiya Haji
Jahanzeb Haque
Kashif Merchant
Maha Ali
Malick Islam
Maliha Qadri
Mariam Gokal
Mariyah Arif
Mehreen Abbasi
Mehreen Arshad
Mobin Nasir
Muhammud Osman Yousuf
Mustafa Shabaskar
Myla Ashfaq
Nadia Jafferi
Nadia Sharif
Nida Hanif
Nimr Majid
Omar(Geri) Farooq
Omar Jafri
Rishad Ahmed
Saad Farooq Khan
Saman Malik
Samar Khandwala
Sana Irshad
Sana Rehman
Sana Tariq
Sanam Kubra
Sania Ahmed Sufi
Sara Ahmed
Sara Moon
Sarah Jafri
Sassi Effendi
Sehr Jahangir
Shezeen Qutab
Sonya Jamil
Suleman Rehman
Tahir Raza
Taimurali Mir
Wajiha Ikhlas
Wamiq Jawaid
Yasser Ghanchi
Yousuf Kerai
Yusra Baloch
Zahra Haider
Zain Mumtaz
Zainab Kapadia

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This site provides a listing of Second Year Wills for the Karachi Grammar School class of 2001.
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