Worried about not waking up for that midterm?

Alarm clocks don’t help?

Roommate’s a dick? (Sorry can’t solve this one =P)


Introducing…the world’s USC’S first online wake up call…

Straight from the dorm room of Ammar Chinoy…

Simply fill in your four-digit USC phone extension #, and the time you want to be woken up…in the space below.



Q. Is this ‘service’ free?

A. Yes.


Q. Why?

A. I was bored. I wanted to make the world a better place….that didn't quite work out…so I made this page instead…=P


Comments…Suggestions…Fish? Mail me


Disclaimer: I make no guarantees whatsoever. This call may not work for you. Buy an alarm clock instead. Better yet download one. Don’t blame me if you don’t get a call. It’s not my fault. It’s never my fault. Got that? Good…